SEO for Bloggers: Monday’s Post

Step 1 Determine the Post Goals: SEO for Bloggers

  •  Attract new Audience
  • Serve existing Community
  •  Earn Influencer  amplification
  •  Contribute to on Existing conversation
  •  Convince the audience to your perspective
  •  Answer the question
  •  Share important news         And Then
  • Promote a product &  Determine the matrices that matters most to that Goal!

Step 2 Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post: SEO for Bloggers

Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post
Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post

Step 3 Do your keyword Research: SEO for Bloggers

  1. A) 3-5 keyword phrases to target
    B) Relatively high volume, low difficulty, High CTR
    C) All Keywords have the same searcher intent.
    Luxury kids cloths

Step 4 Conduct Competitive Research

Who else ranking for these keywords?
Who has produced heavily shared content?
What unique post can you provide?

Step 5 Create the post 

Create the post seo for bloggers
Create the post 

Step 6 On-Pages SEO 

select the Primary and 2-4 secondary keywords to attempt to rank for based on your keyword research content focus.
Use keyword intelligently in the tile, URL
Consider only old URL you might redirect here

Step 7 Craft on outreach amplification plan for your post

Craft on outreach amplification plan for your post
Craft on outreach amplification plan for your post

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Business Online Demands In This Era

Earn money is the first aim of every person now a days, for that I think there is no other best way besides put your business online. Online business is the cost effective approach for us now a days. Every business man who is running own business he wants to double his revenue.  If you do some research will know that  who run their business online they get handsome amount besides those people who still follow traditional ways of business.

For doing online business you must knows few things, and you should follow these things.we all knows that for doing any kind of business  first you have to registered with your concerned department. For business registration you have to complete these steps..

For the incorporation of your business click on SECP.

From Information Technology perspective in IT (Software Companies and Call centers) should have register own self with PSEB and KPITB.

For registration with Pakistan Software Export Board click on PSEB.

For registration with Khyber Pukhtoon khuwa Information Technology board click on KPITB.  

Operating Procedures converting Business Online

The first step in changing from old system to new system is to document all the company operations. For that we already discussed Company Incorporation Procedure. Base on you your old system. By adopting new ways whatever is necessary to do new things. Here for understanding we can use online store as a example. Plan out each step in process, starting with how you will receive orders , fill and ship the completed orders to the customers. Here services department is must be there for customers assistance, returns and refunds procedures. Most of businesses can be automated. so we need fewer people to handle tasks. It will save manpower load and save costs. Since online E-Business (Business online) is open business 24/7 means 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Websites – Converting Business Online

When converting business online (E-Business), you website will become face of your company (Business) in the eyes of your customers. As here we using a online store as a example you know we don’t want to be located in dirty and scruffy store.


So your website should be user friendly, easy to navigate and fully functional website. Here one thing is must be important. The pages must be load quickly and can perform certain necessary tasks. But not be so much crowded. There are some ways to do this task. You can buy low cost system to design your own pages, second is to hire a designer. Who design your pages according to your need and demands. Invest in your site so that it becomes unique to your customers.some of best companies for website development are Mindgigs Solutions, Net Sol Inc, so on.

Domain name

Keep in mind for websites you should buy a domain and hosting facilities. It’s just like a back bone of the website. Without this you can’t run your websites. Here we mention some famous web hosting and domain sites. And another thing is important is to optimize your site by optimizing techniques SEO.

Domain name
Domain name

domain name

  • Nexus
  • Hostinger
  • Goddady

Advertising and Marketing Strategies in Converting Business Online

Advertisement is the backbone of your business due to advertising customers attract towards your bossiness. In old traditional ways it was very difficult tasks but in after convert business online we having many of options available for marketing and advertising. if we search for these options we will know for bringing customers to your website business pay per click advertising is best. where you pay on each time when someone click on your advertise. There are much companies which providing these services. But now a days Google ads, YouTube ads on top.

Social advertisement
Social advertisement

Other best way to do bring customers to your business online site is to writing Articles and Blogs.  But your these content should be optimize means you should use that kind of keywords in your article and blogs related with your business as a whole helps the search engines which is highly related with people search. SEO is the best technique for that ever I search. other ways of putting your content on market is Medium, Quora and strategically landed pages like LinkedIn, Face book ads, twitter etc. Another best way to attract your customers with creating videos on YouTube channel. Developing relationships with customers are also a good way for advertising. Here I mentioned all in detail below.

  • AMP & FBIA.


  • Email marketing.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Instagram influences.
  • Facebook ads and strategically landed pages.
  • Medium and Quora.


AMP stands Accelerated mobile pages, it’s a Google project back designed is 2016. It’s a best approach for online business. Due to this web pages are improves the user experience and core business metrics. Recently amp contributor summit held in October is to enhance the features of AMP. And FBIA we all knows that its stands for Facebook instant articles. Its introduces by Facebook. If I not discuss its major benefits here it will be wrong.

  • Increased traffic
  • AMP & FBIA
    AMP & FBIA

    Faster Use experience

  • Better user experience
  • Lower hosting cost
  • Improve availability

Email marketing

As mentioned name explaining is an act of sending commercial emails to the group of people.

Email marketing
Email marketing

Its allows you to constantly in touch with customers directly. Email marketing is best for online business in various aspect like Targeted and personalized content, build credibility, better brand recognition, boosts your sales and most of all optimizing your time and budget.

Facebook ads

It’s a famous kind of social network advertising, we also called it social media targeting. The major benefit of this is that due to this the advertisers take a advantages of user demographic information and target their ads appositely. For this you have to registered your business with Facebook business. There are also some use full tools there for your help. For registration click on Facebook ads.

Contact details

For communication with your customers contact details is also an important factor in online business. You should mention details in your website. There are several ways to be in contact with your customers. Commonly which in use are PTCL Number, Email address, Your official location address, social media pages.

Real time chat

This feature is also very important for online business. We usually see this function on several educational, social, business websites. A verity of software programs available in market who providing this function like Live Person, pure chat, intercom etc. it’s also built-in available in different web programming language like larval, what you should you do ? Just in contact with a professional developer and tell him to add this functionality and get in touch with your customers directly.

Delivery and shipment

It’s also very much important to providing delivery and shipment to you foreign customers and to those who can’t come to you. For that you should reach to your customers door step. How it will be possible? How you will fill your orders? For that delivery and shipment is much important. But it must be on time. Other online businesses give 7 official days to their customers for delivery. There are several famous companies like DHL, AS Shipping Pakistan, TCS are there. you should contact them for your best business growth.

Delivery cycle
Delivery cycle
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BitCoin vs LiteCoin: A Detailed Comparison

bitcoin vs litecoin
bitcoin vs litecoin

BitCoin vs LiteCoin: A Detailed Comparison

In old age we had barter system, where goods were exchanged by people to fulfill their different needs. With the invention of money and currencies, the barter system became obsolete and people started to pay for goods and services in paper currency like USD, Euro etc. However, in recent times we saw the rise of paper-less currencies called Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, litecoin etc.  bitcoin vs litecoin

These are the inventions of 21st century and are based on integrity of the computer networks instead of political or legal backing of a country. The crypto currencies are decentralized in nature as opposed to traditional currencies which are highly centralized.

The following paragraphs compare these crypto currencies and enlist their features in finer detail.

Bit Coin

Bitcoin is the first ever crypto-currency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in Jan 3, 2009. Satoshi is either a group or individual hacker from Japan whose real identity is in question till this day. Despite of the fact that its inventor is in question, this crypto currency is the most popular and highly valued in terms of market capitalization.

The Current Market Value of 1 Bit Coin = $11580

According to 2017 Market Survey Bit Coin holds 50% of the Crypto Currency Market

The Maximum Limit of Bit Coin that can be mined stands at 21 million coins. The mining process can never exceed this amount. 2/3rd of the coins are already mined and are in possession of early miners.

The Transaction Time of Bit Coin stands at 9 minutes per transaction, according to

The Bit Coin uses a complex algorithm called SHA-256 which makes use of ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits). These are complex hardware arrangements, unlike, CPUs and GPUs. The process of bitcoin mining is out of bounds of normal users and it requires specialize knowledge of blockchain (public ledger of bit coin)

Fun Facts: One hundred millionth of a bit coin is known as a Satoshi (0.00000001)
Programmers celebrate March 22nd as Bit Coin Pizza Day, in memory of a programmer who bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC in 2010. The present value of such transaction approximately equals $38.1 million. Who would have thought that Bitcoins will rise so much in future?

Lite Coin

Litecoin is the silver to Bitcoin’s gold status. It was launched in Oct 7, 2011; created by Charlie Lee, former Goolge Employee and MIT Graduate. Litecoin does not enjoy same popularity and market share like Bitcoin.

The Current Market Value of 1 LiteCoin = $232

According to 2017 Market Survey Litecoin holds only 4% of the Crypto Currency Market

The Maximum Limit of Litecoins that can be mined are 84 million coins. This number is far greater than the maximum limit of Bitcoins that is 21 million.

The Transaction Time of Litecoin is 2.5 minutes, which is much faster than Bitcoin’s 9 minutes. This is the reason why merchants prefer Litecoins instead of Bitcoins in small valued transactions.

Consumers like to deal in whole numbers instead of fractions; and Litecoin’s higher maximum limit of 84 million gives much bigger room for that. To offset this, Bitcoin uses Multibit or Electrum to showcase fractions of Bitcoin to equivalent currencies like USD , Euro etc

Litecoin uses Scrypt Algorithm which is more simpler than SHA-256 of Bitcoin. It does rely on simpler CPU or GPU mining rather than ASIC system of Bitcoins. This makes it easy for normal users to participate in the mining process more easily without advance knowledge of coding and mining.

Fan Fact: The MIT graduate Charlie Lee wanted to make Crypto currencies accessible to everyone. His goal was to make Litecoin equivalent of Silver as Bitcoin is equivalent of Gold.


Eherium, launched in 2015 has gained 20% of the market share. It has beaten all other well established crypto currencies in a very short span of time. This seems like a competitor to the status quo of Bitcoin; and has garnered 2nd Position so far.

Next Blog: Etherium Crypto Currency

Content Written By: Waqas Khan

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