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CMS WordPress course in Peshawar, website devolvement

Below are the course contents for the WordPress , web development details its one months course with full with real time, with professional practical work. Module 1: Introduction to WordPress 1.1 What is WordPress? History and evolution Popularity and usage 1.2 Installing WordPress Manual installation One-click installation (using hosting providers) 1.3 Understanding the WordPress Dashboard […]

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Online Amazon Course – Your Guide to Get Started

Online Amazon Course – Your Guide to Getting Started, If you’re looking to make money online by selling items on Amazon, it can seem like there are endless ways to approach it – and endless information to learn! The good news is that, through the magic of online amazon courses, you can learn everything you […]

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Amazon Virtual Assistant Course in Peshawar

Amazon Virtual Assistant Course As opposed to other short freelancing courses, this program is named Virtual Assistant for Amazon. Students will get familiar with the approaches to being a Virtual Assistant for Amazon to take projects from clients and communicate according to client’s necessities. The student will actually want to manage all the organization and […]

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List of Amazon Courses in Peshawar Pakistan

List of Amazon Courses in Peshawar When it comes to finding the right online course to improve your skills, Amazon is always a great place to start. In fact, Amazon offers a wide variety of courses that cover a wide range of topics. Here are some of the most popular Amazon courses in Peshawar, In […]

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Learn python from A to Z in 50 days

We will go to provide you learn Python from A to Z in 50 days. On each day we’ll focus on a certain part of the Python language, but we’ll build upon what we’ve learned the previous days so it should all make sense if you follow along carefully 🙂 We’ll be covering all the […]

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5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Peshawar

Best digital marketing courses in peshawar At a significant level, advanced promoting alludes to publicizing conveyed through computerized channels, for example, web crawlers, sites, online media, email, and portable applications. Utilizing these online media channels, So advanced advertising is the strategy by which organizations embrace merchandise, administrations, and brands. it is important to know about […]

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Animation for Educational Purposes

What is Animation Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion and change by displaying a sequence of static images. It is widely used in various industries to create engaging content and simplify complex concepts. Animation encompasses a range of styles and techniques, from traditional hand-drawn to 3D computer-generated animation. Free Animation for […]

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Social Media Marketing Course in Peshawar

Social Media Marketing Social Media is a platform that use to  participate in social networking. People can share our posts on various social media platforms to improve business visibility and social connectivity. Now days Social media marketing is main role in business promotion. It is the best source for news updates, marketing, education, and entertainment. […]

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How females Earn with WordPress?

Are you a female! Want to earn with wordpress? For your house or just for saving? If your answer is “Yes”. Then this blog is for you. Is it  not difficult to you to sit around and doing nothing? Often, yeah then spare some time to make some money, instead wasting time on morning shows. […]