What is Niche and Why are They Important

What is Niche?

A Niche is a specialized section of a sub-market that caters to the interests and demands of a selected segment of the audience. The next in hierarchy comes to a niche that is what we want to focus on today. Niches are sufficiently slender than markets and sub-markets.
If you choose the right niche, there may be a fair chance to succeed with your blog (given you put in the difficult work required to develop a blog). Unlike micro niches (discussed below), niches give you sufficient room for increasing your blog to increase the possibility of topics covered.

Why are They Important

A niche is a focused, targetable phase of the market. You are an expert presenting a product or service that makes a specialty of the particular client group, which can not or are not being addressed in such detail by the dominant carriers to your industry

Here are 10 Reasons Why They are Important:

  1. To avoid spreading yourself too thin
  2. It is easier to discover and target potential customers and partners to work with
  3. It is simpler to become an professional and well recognized for your niche
  4. More and better referrals
  5. The more specific you are, the less competition you will have
  6. Marketing become much easier
  7. More repeat business
  8. Stand out
  9. Ideal client
  10. Specialize in a selected area

How to Find Niche for Blog Post

Here are 10 steps to find Niche for Blog Post:

  • Take the what should I blog about quiz
  • Use Amazon to generate blog niches
  • Use Wikihow to select a blog niche
  • Checkout PayPal to get hidden niches
  • Use Google’s Year In Search to get niches that generate traffic
  • Use ClickBank to get profitable niche ideas
  • Try Udemy to select and validate niche ideas
  • Use Pat Flynn’s proven 777 method
  • Use Forum Directories to locate surprising hidden niches
  • Other resources to find blog niche ideas

How to Do Niche Market Research

6 Simple Steps to Niche Market Research:

Step #1: Identify Interests and Problems
  • Bezos started Amazon due to the fact he desired an “everything store”
  • Brin and Page founded Google due to the fact they desired a better way to search the internet
Step #2: Identify Your Market
  • Google Trends
  • Advanced Research
Step #3: Determine Your Profitability
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad Networks
  • Online Store
  • Dropshipping
  • Print On Demand
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars
Step #4: Decide Where You Want to Start
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Ads
  • Social Media
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Email Marketing
Step #5: Find the Right Keywords
  • How hard it will be to rank for that key-word
  • The range of people who look up and click on on that keyword
  • If there are any variations of your keyword that perform better
  • High CPC for your selected keywords
  • Targeted advertisements that target the main keywords
  • Ads in the top three positions of your search engine results
Step #6: Research the Competition
  • Poor content material
  • No paid competition
  • A corporatized environment

How to Define Your Niche?

Here are 8 approaches you may outline and narrow down your small business niche:

1. Build at an Intersection

  • Updated advertising abilities for tourism
  • Economic development for small towns

2. Serve an Industry

  • Linen carrier for restaurant and food services
  • More particular
  • Websites for churches and non religious organizations

3. Provide a Specialized Service

  • Give the education only, not the services itself
  • Provide the services only, not education
  • Certify others to offer carrier below your brand
  • Provide restores for products, no matter where purchased

4. Target a Tough-to-Serve Customer

  • Daycare focusing on newborns and infants
  • Serving small agencies on the stage of hiring their first employee

5. Provide Your Service in Unexpected Places

  • Laundry and dry cleansing with office pickup and delivery
  • Prepared food delivered to your home
  • Mobile notary services

6. Consider Geographic Location

  • The tri-state area
  • Northwest Oklahoma
  • Woods County
  • Alva
  • Downtown

7. Offer the Best Service

  • Action Wholesale Liquor in Oklahoma City
  • United Linen in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

8. Distinguish Yourself with Price

  • The classy steak place
  • The cheap eats joint
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software house in Lahore

5 Software houses in Lahore you should know about

Best Software Houses in Lahore you should know about

Software houses are working in different cities of Pakistan and providing their products and services around the world as well. Now the world is changing into digitization and information technology is influencing our daily life, due to software houses in Pakistan being at their peak the below list contains the information and details of best software house in Lahore and their services

Following are the top 5 software houses in Lahore

1 NETSOL Technologies Inc

Netsol supplies the best quality software products and services around the world, It is on the top of the list of software companies in Lahore, It fulfills the requirements of its customers by keeping its staff as a principal asset In December 1995, it was start by Salim Ghauri, Now it has become an international IT consultancy and software developer company, NETSOL has attained global fame in allocating enterprise solutions to the lending and finance industry, It also facilitates its clients in banking, healthcare, system integration, and IT services. It works with more than 200 finance and leasing companies around the world.

It is the first Pakistani company that was a list on the NASDAQ. NASDAQ is the world’s second-largest worldwide electronic marketplace. The company took almost 5 years to make its mark on the Pakistani IT industry as well as on the international map.

NetSol is an honor to work with the world’s best companies such as BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Yamaha, Fiat, and Volkswagen

2 Techlogix

Techlogix has been started by 3 members who are, Salman Akhtar, Kewan Qadre Khawaja, and Khurram Afridi. The firm has more than 300 employees and facilitates their clients worldwide in eBusiness services and IT services, The office is in Lahore and its branches are in Karachi and Islamabad, It has offices and branches in Dubai, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Boston. Its software development center is in Beijing.

It helps its people in enterprise transformation by harmonizing people, business processes, and technology. It has released a software tool called MAESTrO, which is used in the automotive industry for the creation of electrical systems for fuel-efficient vehicles

3 Conrad Labs

Conrad Labs is one of the best software houses in Lahore. They have a very talented and experienced team who work hard. It has extensive SaaS (software-as-a-service) cloud knowledge and technologies. Conard labs teamwork with Java, MySQL, Python, jQuery, and PHP for application development and purpose-built software services.

Conrad Labs was started by Abbas Yousafzai on March 15, 2009. Which provides highly skilled technical services. It builds commercial-grade Web and mobile products. It also provides DevOps services and manages deployments to create a high availability

4 Confiz

It is also consider to be one of the largest software houses in Lahore. It was founded in 2005 and is the fastest growing technology company. Its team is composed of more than 300 members. Config has offices in Pakistan, the USA, and Estonia. Some of their clients are Microsoft, Telenor, Ufone, Sage, cmd, ars, PAKWHEELS.COM, Sears, KYCK, Reading Rainbow, exactly.me, TalentCove, Intel, hoodie, and pulse point

The company has gotten awards and certificates of CMMI Maturity Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 20000:2011 (ITSM), and ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS). It is facilitating clients in content management, portal applications, application modernization, mobile strategy, mobile Interface design and mobile application development.

5 Mindstorm Studios

It was founded by Babar Ahmed and Faraz Ahmed in 2006. Mindstorm studios have more than 40 employees with the best experience in game development, animation, character design, architectural visualization, and graphic design.

It has created a number of outstanding games since 2006 and aims to deliver outstanding content to a global audience.

Mindstorm Studios has been creating original first-party core, mid-core, and casual games for mobiles and tablets for the past 12 years. The intelligent and highly skilled team of the software house is always working on innovative and new technologies to create amazing games.

It is one of the best software houses in Lahore because of its great work. They have created a number of games for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices. One of their amazing games is Alliance Wars. Global invasion installs have ranged from 10,000-50,000+ while some of its players spend up to 5000 USD each month on in-app purchases.

Mindstorm is producing high-quality games in Pakistan which is also getting famous internationally just because of its hard work.

How to get an internship in a software house in Lahore

  • To get an internship in a software house in Lahore, visit software houses. The IT industry in Pakistan is big which will need interns.
  • First of all check the Lahore software houses websites for the internship, if then check the eligibility criteria.
  • Prepare the best CV, show your creativeness and talent on your CV and start visiting these software houses in Lahore

Software Maintenance Click here

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The Education system in Pakistan problems

Education system in pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a socially and semantically assort enormous South Asian nation lined by Afghanistan and Iran toward the north and west, China toward the upper east, India toward the east, and the Arabian Sea upword the south, The Muslim-greater part nation is set up in its present structure after the segment of before British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, and the ensuing withdraw of Bangladesh, once in the past known as East Pakistan, in 1971.

Presently the 6th most crowd country on the planet with 212 million individuals, Pakistan is portray by one of the greatest populace development rates overall outside of Africa. Despite the fact that the around 2% rate is presently easing back, the country’s populace is assesse to arrive at 403 million by 2050 (UN middle reach projection). There are more youngsters in Pakistan today than at any time in its set of experiences, and it has one of the world’s biggest youth populaces with 64% of Pakistanis now younger than 30, Consider that Karachi is project to turn into the third-biggest city on the planet with near 32 million individuals by the center of the century.

Education system in pakistan problems and solutions

The education system of Pakistan is compose of institutions that provide education to students with the help of teachers, The system includes public institutions and private institutions, Hence educational institutes are run because of private and public sector institutes.

Following are some problems and issues in Pakistan education system

  1. Lack of Proper Planning
  2. Social constraints
  3. Gender gap
  4. Cost of education
  5. War on Terror
  6. Funds for Education
  7. Technical Education
  8. Poverty
  9. Law and order situation
  10. Natural disasters
  11. budgetary constraints


The problems which is mention above can be solve by better policies as well planning and ensuring the effective implementation of policies.

  • Implementation of projecting policies should be focus on education
  • Allocation of funds maybe made easy to educational institutes
  • Workshops must be arrange for teachers
  • This should be induct in Pakistani schools to improve the hidden qualities of children
  • Technical education must be give to all the classes
  • Promotion of primary education is the need of time
  • Teachers, professors and educationists should be consulted
  • The need of time is to bring education in its original form to the masses

There should be a uniform education system, which reflects our values, history, national goals and to provide free and quality learning opportunities to all children in the country Because The selection process of the teachers may be transparent and teachers will recive proper training on teaching methodology to prepare students to successfully move into the mainstream of our society to face future challenges, Conceptual understanding and practical learning of children must be focus and it should be part of the curriculum.

What is wrong with pakistan education system

The education system of any country is the most important system which builds the future of its nation. But, unfortunately, there is no uniform education system with clear and define national goals and requirements in Pakistan to provide equal educational opportunity to all children to grow together.

What is wrong with our education system?
There are approximately five types of institutions in Pakistan with different objectives and curriculum which are the following

  • Beaconhouse school System, City school System, Roots School System, Allied School system etc
  • Armed forces school system
  • Government school system
  • Low paid private schools
  • Darul Uloom school system

The main aim is to enable them to successfully move into the society with updated knowledge, innovation, social skills, integrity, national values, respect of opinions of each other, love for humanity, and a sense of responsibility to lead the country and institutions as visionary leaders.

Providing free and quality education to all children is the responsibility of the state, According to national education policy 2009, the state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years, Many children in Pakistan cannot afford education, because they have to earn for themselves and for their families to feed.

Teaching Traning

Teachers are the most important part of the education system to create awareness among the community regarding the importance of education for their children, play a vital role in the character-building of children, and promote quality education in the country. But due to hiring inefficient and incompetent people to join the profession, who lack skills and teaching techniques.

Similarly, in schools, students are not facilitate and guided properly in the selection of their field according to their abilities and interest. They are also not given exposure, how to become a suitable and useful member of society. Therefore, after completing education, they are not in a position to address the problems in real life and play a vital role in social development because of a lack of skills/ techniques and require knowledge.

Our education system mostly focuses on the theoretical stuff rather than giving equal importance to the practical side to give practical exposure to students. Similarly, students are forced to compete in the race for getting grades instead of gaining practical knowledge and skills

The main problems of education in pakistan

Education is the foundation for the political, social, and economic development of any country, Pakistan as a developing country is facing serious problems in education, The education system has failed to customize, Pakistan is facing many problems, such as poverty, insecurity, sectarianism, and terrorism which lead to a weak education system.

Through an inefficient education system. The important role of education is ignored in Pakistan which has led to it in low development in all phases of life. The lowest budget has weakened the foundation of quality in the education system. The education system, therefore, has failed to grow the nation economically, politically, and socially.

Problems associated with the education system in Pakistan are lack of adequate budget, lack of policy implementation, inefficient testing system, defective body structures, lack of quality of teachers, lack of education policy implementation, indirect education, low enrollment, political interference, outdated curriculum, corruption, mismanagement and supervision and lack of research

Following are some problems in education system of Pakistan

Lack of uniformity
Education without direction
Outdated curricula
Lack of professional development of teachers
Lack of quality teachers
Poor supervisory standards
Internal and external influences
Lack of resources
Policy implementation
Low budgetary allocation for education

What is incubations centers? Click Here

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Communication skills

Communication Skills

Through communication skills, we can share our ideas and feelings effectively. Through communication skills, we give and receive different kinds of information. Some examples include ideas, feelings or updates on the project.

Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathizing. It is also helpful to communicate with people through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations and digital communications, like email and social media.

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