Income Tax Returns in Pakistan

income tax returns
Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns (ITR) is a form in which people are supposed to submit the tax to the Income Tax Department. It contains information of the person’s income and the taxes to be paid during the year. Information filed in ITR should pertain to a particular financial year.

Income can be of different forms like the following:

  • Income from salary
  • Profits and gains from business and profession
  • house property income
  • Income from capital gains
  • Income from other sources such as dividend, interest on deposits, lottery, etc.

How to file Income Tax Return in Pakistan

Following are the steps to file income return in Pakistan:

  • Logging into Iris
  • Password for Iris login
  • Completing Income Tax Return
  • Revising Income Tax Return
  • Filing Income Tax Return after deadline
  • Record keeping for Income Tax Return
  • Persons obligated to file Income Tax Return
  • Credits, Rebates and Exemptions for Income Tax Return
  • Privacy of personal information

FBR income Tax Return Form of Salaried Person

  • Certificate of tax deduction from employer from 01st July 2020 till 30th June 2021
  • Statement of bank account from 01st July 2020 till 30th June 2021
  • Personal assets list along with their value of purchase
  • Bank loan and other liabilities if any
  • Utility bills

Benefits of e-filing:

Saving of time

The taxpayers do not need to visit a tax inspector. Though they can just send all the information from a taxpayer office.

No duplication

Moreover, electronically submitting tax returns and accounting documentation becomes safe and unique, by not having duplication.

Errors avoiding

Since E-filing software greatly reduces the number of errors. As, this software automatically checks tax and accounting reporting, and processes the data accurately.

Guaranteed updates

Due to changes in tax or accounting reporting forms, or changes in reporting forms, the taxpayer automatically gets an update before the due date of e-filing.

Peace of mind

During the e-filing the taxpayer gets an official statement from the tax authority confirming that the taxpayer is compliant. Tax authority transmits information through an authorized operators.

Delivery confirmation

For e-filing, the taxpayer obtain delivery confirmation to consider as legal.


The e-filing software provides important information security which also protects privacy.

Improving data processing

Due to the e-filing system data processing improved a lot and has less chance of error.

Who should file Income Tax Returns in Pakistan

All the people who are able to pay the tax are obliged to file a return of income with the tax authorities on a fiscal year basis (1 July through 30 June). Later, the filing requires approval of the commissioner, with certain limitations and conditions.

Every resident should file a wealth statement  along with the return of income. The commissioner can also hire any person to issue the said statement. The Commissioner, who is empowered to disallow such revision in case he/she is of the view that the same has not been made for errors or omissions.

It is prerequisite for those Individuals who get an income of PKR 500,000 to e-file the return of income.

Likewise, Foreign income equal to or in excess of 10,000 United States dollars (USD) or having foreign assets equals to USD 100,000 or more people should file a separate statement of foreign income and foreign assets.

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