Factors That Contribute to Business Success

That Factors Contribute to Business Success

Some businesses grow fast and become profitable. this is just because of Factors That Contribute to Business Success We all know that some businesses do grow and prosper and others do not due to some factors. So why does this happen? And what is the secret to those who are successful?

Due to some innovative and best ideas and researchers businesses have got success. A successful business enables them to stay strong in the competition and bring great ideas to a big market.

Some factors evaluate your business when you build a success plan, or as you launch a project to solve a crucial problem.

Following 3 are the very basic factors for a successful business

  1. Great decisions
  2. A great team
  3. Good work

Following are the list of factors in detail, that leads to business success:


Successful people always focus on leadership. They must have the best staff, and be able to guide them in powerful and sensitive ways.

Strategic and tactical plans:

equally important Businesses do not succeed by flying by the seat of their pants. They want to write and execute plans to achieve success.

Powerful decisions:

Realistic decisions that choose realistic goals and solve real problems are made clear and lead to prompt action.

Effective communications:

Making the right decision is no good at all if the managers and workers are still doing the wrong thing.

Continuous quality improvement:

in the same way, Customer demands are always changing, and the competition is improving. next If we don’t get better, we will be left behind.

Efficient production:

similarly, Great marketing and customer service are necessary. likewise, Find the customers, bring them to buy your product. again Efficient production will lead to a big target audience.

How social factors affecting business:

in fact, How social society is continually changing very fast, The tastes and fashions are a great example of this change, The big and most significant difference is the growing popularity of social media.

not only but also This younger generation prefers to use digital technology to buy online. as well as Aged people will stick to their traditional methods. as a result, These changing factors have a big effect on businesses too. Innovation in social factors can impact a business in many different ways.

Best businesses choose an environmental analysis depending on the nature of operations. However, all of them study social factors to target the audiences.

Due to social changes, they focus on analyses and also have to look carefully at bringing social changes. They also look into the cultural changes which take place in the business environment. furthermore, Market research is a critical part of this step. similarly, It is important to see the trends and patterns of society. again For a better experience, you should know what are the factors that contribute to business success

For a successful business, they should understand the impacts better, you might need to study the factors in detail. equally important Many companies analyze population growth and age structure, They take interest in consumer attitudes and lifestyle changes for bringing new products. finally, New analysis can help in finding new ideas factors affecting business

Following are the social factors which impact the business:

  • Lifestyles
  • Buying habits
  • Education level
  • Religion and beliefs
  • Health consciousness
  • Sex distribution
  • Average disposable income level
  • Social classes
  • Family size and structure
  • Minorities
  • Attitudes toward saving and investing
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Attitudes toward green or ecological products
  • Attitudes toward renewable energy
  • Immigration and emigration rates
  • Age distribution and life expectancy rates
  • Attitudes toward imported products and services
  • Population growth rate
  • Attitudes toward work, career, leisure, and retirement
  • Attitudes toward customer service and product quality

What are technological factors affecting business

Technological factors refer to the ways new practices and equipment affect businesses.
It includes the following

Information and communication technology (ICT)

ICT (Information and communication technology) can make processes and communication within a business quicker and more efficient.
moreover, Businesses need to keep their software and hardware up to date, If they don’t, the product will be seen as old fashioned by customers and business will not get success

Research and development:

Although Research and development refer to the innovation of new products, systems, and services, In recent years research and development have led to successful businesses.

3D printers

A multitude of apps and innovations

They can have a major impact on businesses and sometimes can destroy a traditional business, For example, Kodak was used to produce and sell 80% of the world’s film for the cameras. But the invention of digital cameras made the market for camera film down.


Automation refers to the working of machines that were previously done by people.
For example, due to the introduction of self-scan checkouts in the supermarkets are doing work instead of employees.
Some driverless cars and deliveries by drone are on the way and businesses are not done by humans.
How many people do they employ?
Which new jobs will be needed to support business due to technology.


More and more firms are online. E-commerce:

  • widens the number of customers
  • lowers the costs of production
  • is highly competitive
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House on Installment in Karachi

House on Installment in Karachi

(Bahria Town Karachi)
“It’s a location where Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. ”
“Horizon Properties” provides high-class quality construction for its customers at fair and competitive market prices.

1) House on Installment

House in Bahria Town Karachi on easy Installment in Bahria Town Karachi, Karachi 2 weeks ago.
4 Bedrooms fully furnished and 4 Bathrooms.
Area unit:
Square Yards Area 125.
7,200,000 PKR.
Seller Description:
Mr. Nabeel, Member since February 2021.
Email Address:

2) House on Installment

House in Bahria Town Karachi on installment 4 weeks ago.
Four Bedrooms fully furnished
CCTV Cameras
24 Hour Security
6,800,000 PKR
4 Bedrooms fully furnished and 4 Bathrooms.
Area unit:
Square Yards Area 125.
Seller Description:
Mr.Nabeel Faisal, member since February 2021.
Email Address: help@olx.com.pk

New Projects in Karachi on Installments

As a result The houses in Oasis Park Residencia are artfully designed to offer the highest standard of living in Karachi, Oasis Park Residencia is a project of Properties Builders and Developers and Pakistan’s most innovative builders over decades, Situated opposite Malir Cantt highway link road (Jinnah Avenue), And 10 minutes drive away from Jinnah International Airport.
Houses on Installments:
Oasis Park Residencia is offering fully constructed homes on easily payable installments, All houses on offer span over 120 square yards and are beautifully designed, After making a 30% down payment at the time of booking and the rest of the amount will be divided into 36 months installments and 6 balloon payments, You will pay another 12% of the total unit cost at the time of finishing and another 6% on possession.

Good features about this project:
For better is that this project has been approved by the Sindh Building and Control Authority and Malir Development Authority, which means your investment here is safe, Because This feature will offer residents of Oasis Park Residencia a unique opportunity to easily access the entire city of Karachi and enjoy the best entertainment and commercial activity avenues, The Oasis Park Residencia is sure to give residents the best opportunity for their clients.
Email Address:

House Construction on Installment in Karachi

Product Variants:

Alfalah Ghar Asaan – Home Buy, This type of facility is meant for the purchase of an already constructed housing unit/apartment. This type of facility is extended to customers who already own a residential plot or intend to buy a residential plot with subsequent construction of a house.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
All Pakistani citizens holding valid CNIC This subsidized scheme is for first-time homeowners, You can avail of the facility under the scheme only once, Only for construction and first purchase of newly constructed affordable housing units.
Age of Housing Units: Newly constructed housing units during the last one year from the date of application No requirements till March 31, 2023.
Price Ranges:
Apartments up to 850 square feet up to 1,250 square feet up to 2,000 square feet.
Maximum Price of Housing Unit 3,500,000 PKR with no limitation.
Maximum Loan Size: 2,700,000 PKR 6,000,000 PKR and 10,000,000 PKR.
Minimum Documents Requirements:
Facility Application Form.
CNIC copy of the applicant or co-applicant.
Proof of income documents.
Copies of property. Documents or details of a property.
Contact Centre Number:
111 225 111
Email address: home.finance@bankalfalah.com
Bank’s website: https://www.bankalfalah.com/personal-banking/loans/alfalah-home-finance

Housing Schemes in Karachi on Installments 2021

Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar”

Bank AL Habib collaboration with the Government of Pakistan and with the support of the State Bank of Pakistan offers an affordable and flexible Housing Finance Scheme. because of the help of this scheme, you can turn your dream of owning a home into a reality and secure your future, Avail of this opportunity through Conventional and Islamic Banking branches.

Key Features:
Free Life Insurance
Subsidized Markup Rate
Financing up to PKR 10 Million
Available for up to 20 years
Easy Documentation
Quick Processing
No restrictions and no charges on early repayment
No cap on maximum Unit Price for Tier 2 and 3
earlier Approved and Unapproved Housing Projects under Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Housing Scheme Bank AL Habib offer Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar, is a government mark-up subsidy-based Housing Finance Facility to assist you in purchasing your dream home.
Financing Tenor:
Minimum 5 years, and maximum 20 years
Contact Number:

Eligibility Criteria:
  • All men and women holding valid CNIC (including Non Resident Pakistani) First time home owner, one unit per household.
  • One individual can have a subsidized house loan facility under this scheme only once
  • monthly Minimum income should be 25,000/- for applicant and 20,000/- for co-applicant(s).
  • Minimum 3 years proof of business for business individuals and 2 years proof of business for SEP (self employee professionals).
  • Minimum 2 years employment period for Salaried.

Apartments on Easy Installments in Karachi

“Bahria Town Karachi, Karachi”
Bahria town Karachi offers apartments on easy Installments. You can purchase your dream apartment, one example is given below.
Buy Apartment on Installment:
2 Beds and 2 Bathrooms,950 Square Feet apartment on installment in Bahria town Karachi Pre Booking Start
9,025,000 PKR
Floor Level:
Area unit:
Square Feet Area 950
West open apartments in Ali block commercial west open plot numbers 149, 150 pre-booking start with 30
months easy installments.

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What is an incubation center

What is an Incubation Center?

What is an Incubation Center?

Incubation center is the place that helps the entrepreneurs in developing their business and solving problems associated with it. especially in the initial stages, by providing business and technical services, finance, lab facilities, advisory, network, and linkages.

In an incubation center, there are business development processes, infrastructure, and people, which are design to establish and grow new and small businesses by supporting them through the early stages of development and change. A successful business needs an incubation center where incubators provide resident companies with access to expert advisors, mentors, administrative support, office equipment, training, and top investors.

Most incubators is create as temporary launchers for new businesses, with the expectation that participants will graduate, However, not all graduates are successful, unfortunately, some decide to close their businesses.

How do I apply for the National Incubation Center?

The NIC opens its applications twice a year When the applications are open, the candidates are request to visit our website (NIC Pakistan), click ‘Apply Now, and fill the online guest form.

The applications will be watched by a panel of judges when people are shortlisted, then the startup will call them for an interview. Those who pass the interview are select for the incubation program. The NIC opens its applications twice a year. The applications open in June and November. The announcement is make on all our social media platforms and websites.

How does the Incubation Center work?

Although The incubation centers provide support in technological facilities and advice, initial growth funds, network and linkages, co-working spaces, lab facilities, mentoring, and advisory support. But It is a good way to get capital from investors, government organizations, economic development coalitions, and other investors.

Most of the incubators have productive capital to invest in growth startups or have links to potential funding sources. They provide access to services from professionals, such as accountants and lawyers not to mention the invaluable mentoring and networking support available at the incubation center, through the staff and other entrepreneurs at the incubator.

It acts as a basic part of the start-up ecosystem. It also acts as a speedup for both regional and national economic development. There are different types of incubators i.e Academic institutions; Non-profit development corporations; For-profit development ventures, and Venture capital firms.

Incubator strategies vary Some are located in fostering networking between incubated entrepreneurs and others in the entrepreneurial space. While others operate on a virtual basis. Business incubators differ from research and technology parks in supporting start-ups and early-stage companies. Research and technology parks tend to be large-scale projects that house organizations ranging from government institutions, corporates, university labs to very small companies. They seldom offer business help services, unlike business incubators. Rather, it will be good to say that business assistance services are the symbol of business incubators.

What is the purpose of incubation?

Following are the purpose of incubation.

To nurture a culture of innovation at the campus
Assist ideas to translate into reality and upgrade them to the level of commercial value
To create a startup ecosystem at the campus
Encourage solving real problems
Create value-added jobs and services

What are the stages of business incubation?

The whole process of business incubation is broadly divided into three categories, which are the following:

1) Physical Facility Support

This refers to the incubation service provided within the physical facility.

2) Networking Facilities

After the physical facility, business incubators help the start-up with networking facilities for growing the business.

3) Support Services

Once the business is successful and established, the incubators offer various support services to the businesses in order to run the business successfully.

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