MindGigs will Assist in FYP to Reach Industry Level

 MindGigs will Assist you in FYP to Reach Industry  Level

Final year 20 project ideas for any BCS & MS students

  • Exam Management System:

There are a lot of students in schools and colleges which take an exam using pen and paper. So this method takes a lot of time for managing student. This is  difficult for school, college management and especially for teacher. For solving this issue exam management system will be the best solution. This software will be developed using web technology and which consist of some modules: student registration, login system, admin dashboard, set exam, accept exam, staff, results, payment system for students.


Web Application


PHP, HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap & CSS.



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Backlinks Creation in Social Bookmarking Sites

Backlinks Creation in Social Bookmarking Sites


The backlink checker place where one can keep their online bookmarks is called Social Bookmarking Sites.Because This method was created for giving an advantage of accessing them from any location.

But As these bookmarks cannot be stored in a local place of your browser.However Some websites also offer additional tag features and categories for neatly arranging your bookmarks.

backlink checker

Adding links to these sort of sites is simple, and throughout the years’ many individuals have been utilizing these sites only for external link establishment, making several accounts and a considerable number of links consistently.

Initially, it was a valid technique for building links, but with passing time Google caught this method, and the effectiveness of this technique was lost.

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5 Tracks for Most viewed youtube video

5 Tracks for Most viewed youtube video

Today we explain  5 Tracks for Most viewed youtube video. On YouTube they are also famous because of their videos. The more you get likes and subscribers the more you’ll be popular on social media. Here I’ll present you how to get more views on your YouTube videos youtube tricks

1 Accurately Name your Video File

You should use specific keywords or other terms that people type into YouTube search. This is a good place for keywords so in 5 Tracks for Most viewed youtube video keyword is one of them. If you want more people to find your video under the search term like “Loss weight by taking big amount of water” then that should be the name of your video. This will help your video be found under the word water” and term “Loss weight by taking big amount of Water” . Make sure that you include all your keywords in the video file.

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