June 16, 2022

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Amazon Virtual Assistant Course

As opposed to other short freelancing courses, this program is named Virtual Assistant for Amazon. Students will get familiar with the approaches to being a Virtual Assistant for Amazon to take projects from clients and communicate according to client’s necessities.

The student will actually want to manage all the organization and client care connected with Amazon as well as be ready to track down an item and send it off to the commercial center. Amazon Virtual Assistant Course in Peshawar

After the completion of this course, you will get a complete idea of how to work as a Virtual Assistant (VA) with someone:

  • How to work on Amazon Store Account
  • you will learn different tools which are mostly used on amazon for product research
  • you will understand the complete process from starting the inventory to shipping orders to clients
  • you will get deep knowledge about billing information and how to handle returns, refunds, etc
  • how to list a product on Amazon and how to optimize that item
  • you will learn how to do advertisements for the amazon management system and how to promote your product through a campaign
  • how to lunch a new product and how to rank that on search engine
  • different ways how to find a job on the freelance marketplace as VA


  • Introduction to E-Commerce Markets
  • Introduction to Amazon
  • Objective of working as an Amazon VA
  • Amazon Product Research Tools
  • Understanding Jungle Scout
  • How to get Keywords for a product
  • Understanding what sells on Amazon
  • Using Alibaba to find products
  • How to Find Suppliers on Alibaba
  • Understanding Amazon Listings
  • Retouching Images for Amazon listing
  • Listing optimization using different tools
  • FBM Order Management
  • How to create an Advertising campaign
  • What is a digital coupon?
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Understanding the Target Audience
  • What is Upwork and why we choose Upwork

Introduction to E-Commerce Markets:

In the course, first of all, you will learn what different marketplace on which you can start working so you know that markets such as Amazon are the leading market in online shopping which provide almost every product of everyday life need with that there is much more another market which also provides these type of services like Alibaba, Daraz AliExpress, etc,

So in the course, you learn about these marketplaces how this market works and how they supply their product to their clients what are their business strategies

Introduction to Amazon:

As we all know Amazon is one of the most popular and big companies in online shopping which sells there a product like toys, electronics, movies, music, books, and many other things amazon work as a middleman between other retailers and amazon have millions of clients from all over the world.

We will explore amazon step by step on how it takes the product from the retailer and supplies that product to clients and also how Amazon provides opportunities to the whole world to work on amazon and earn from this platform

The objective of working as an Amazon VA:

As An Amazon Virtual Assistant, there is some responsibility that needs someone to perform for Amazon Store Owner.

For that reason the business owner takes virtual assistant and assigns a task to them to perform for him, the objective of VA may depend but the most commonly used tasks are Research Activity, Customer Support, Product Listing, and Optimization, Running Amazon ad campaigns, Order Processing, Translation, etc these are the most common tasks/objectives that amazon VA must know about it

Amazon Product Research Tools:

For selecting a product for your store you have to do research on the product and study the details about that product you have to do a complete analysis of that product.

For doing that research you have to work on paid tools that will provide you the complete knowledge about that particular product and it will make your work easy and faster while listing a product on the amazon store it is very important to do deep research before launching a new product or brand on Online store.

Understanding Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout is An Amazon Research tool that provides you information about amazon product, and the estimated sales of that particular product, and also you can do an analysis of your competitor’s jungle scout Provide a very simple and easy interface from which you can view the whole information that you need for a product and all the other details

How to get Keywords for a product:

For selling a product it is very important that you work on the specific and targeted keywords you have to do an analysis of target keywords.

To be a better Virtual assistant you have to know how to work on targeted keywords and how to find or do research of high search volume with low competition which will help you to rank on top of search engine

Understanding what sells on Amazon:

If you are selling something on amazon you must have the knowledge of that let if you select a product and place that on your store for selling and you don’t have any idea about whether the product is that product still in demand or not.

so the product will not earn for you even that will not sell in the store so you have to do a better understanding of the particular product what to sell online and how to do better research for that product

Using Alibaba to find products:

If you want to sell your product to the client then you have to know the wholesale dealer who can provide you with the product at a cheap price for a reason like this Alibaba is the best choice so it will be better to look at the product available on Alibaba take an idea from that and do good research for your product to list that on Amazon Store

How to Find Suppliers on Alibaba:

There are a lot of companies available on Alibaba that can provide you with products in huge amounts.

If you need it and that will give you a big discount when you want to buy that product in large quantity. So you have to do a search and find out those suppliers who can provide you with your product in a better way

Understanding Amazon Listings:

Once you have collected the complete data about your product now is time to list that product on your store for that, you have to select a title on which name you want to list your product.

You have to write an SEO-optimized description which will help to rank your product and some benefit in bullet points also you have to write the variation price, etc. These are the activity to list a product on an Online store

Retouching Images for Amazon listing:

Listing a product is a showcase for your product you have to present your product that looks very attractive so that people when seeing your picture that stops on start exploring that.

That you have to build the skill to retouch your product picture before listing that on an online store, different software and tools are used for photo retouching most commonly used tool for photo retouching is Adobe Photoshop to be a virtual assistant you have the skill how to retouch image

Listing optimization using different tools:

Once you list your product on the amazon store you have to optimize that for search engines to rank on top of the search list you have to do SEO for the product to rank high in the competition.

And it will help to generate more sales on that product optimization to do research for a keyword on which people are searching that product on that name you have to optimize the title meta description etc

FBM Order Management:

Fulfillment by Marchant (FBM) Amazon provides you a free hand if you want to deliver the order by yourself amazon allows you FBA or FBM both services can a user used to deliver the product now how to do management.

If a store owner wants to provide FBM service to their client a virtual assistant needs to know how to manage FBM

How to create an Advertising campaign:

As Amazon need the skill of marketing so you have to know how to use social media to sell your product by presenting them in front of people through digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

Facebook ads manager provides you with a platform from which you can create a campaign to promote your product on Facebook and Instagram by spending your budget on that.

If you want that your product appears in front of people when people search for the item on google then you have to run google ads by doing online advertisement you will spend money on ads but in return, you will get a good amount of money in sales so VA must have the ability to online marketing for the product

What is a digital coupon?

A digital coupon is a discount when you want to sell your product instantly you make a strategy for that to sell at a cheap rate then you have to create coupons for those who are following your brand and aware of everything about your brand.

Mostly company owners provide coupon in off-session time e.g if a store have winter shoes listed and in the coming time people will buy footwear for summer then you have to sell out the stock instantly.

At that time you have to provide a coupon so that people instantly buy that product because people may think this is the time to buy high price product at a cheap rate.

Understanding Facebook Ads:

After googling most people follow products on Facebook and Instagram because of their big audience and community.

So you have to understand how to make the ability that people click and buy from another platform also for that you have to show the product with help of Facebook ads.

Targeting the right audience age and demographics are factors that will help you to make a good campaign to sell your product and get a good result by promoting the product on a social platform

Understanding Target Audience:

When you want to run a Facebook or Google ad you must know the target audience you must have to know the behavior of your target audience let’s say you want to run ads to promote t-shirts.

You have to know who will be interested in this product so you will do research for that and then show your ads to that specific audience who are interested in online shopping.

If and want to buy t-shirts now you have to also to take care of their age location etc these are all factors that depend on how you will target your audience and show them ads to click on your ad.

What is Upwork and why did we choose Upwork:

There are a lot of online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, freelancer, guru, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork. But most people hire VA from Upwork there are some reasons why people hire VA from Upwork.

The first thing is that Upwork is a professional freelance market place firstly they test you when you want to signup up to Upwork so they check your skill and whether are able to do work on Upwork or not.

The second thing is that big companies hire a freelancer from Upwork the place their project on Upwork and freelancers start bidding on that.

If the freelancer can do that project then that sends a proposal to the project owner. I can do it or not and then call them for an online interview and start working on that project 

The most important thing about Upwork is the business owner pays more on Upwork as compared to other freelance markets. So if a virtual assistant wants to start a career as a freelancer so, he or she much be aware of how to work online on Upwork to get paid for his/her skills

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