Factors That Contribute to Business Success

That Factors Contribute to Business Success

Some businesses grow fast and become profitable. this is just because of Factors That Contribute to Business Success We all know that some businesses do grow and prosper and others do not due to some factors. So why does this happen? And what is the secret to those who are successful?

Due to some innovative and best ideas and researchers businesses have got success. A successful business enables them to stay strong in the competition and bring great ideas to a big market.

Some factors evaluate your business when you build a success plan, or as you launch a project to solve a crucial problem.

Following 3 are the very basic factors for a successful business

  1. Great decisions
  2. A great team
  3. Good work

Following are the list of factors in detail, that leads to business success:


Successful people always focus on leadership. They must have the best staff, and be able to guide them in powerful and sensitive ways.

Strategic and tactical plans:

equally important Businesses do not succeed by flying by the seat of their pants. They want to write and execute plans to achieve success.

Powerful decisions:

Realistic decisions that choose realistic goals and solve real problems are made clear and lead to prompt action.

Effective communications:

Making the right decision is no good at all if the managers and workers are still doing the wrong thing.

Continuous quality improvement:

in the same way, Customer demands are always changing, and the competition is improving. next If we don’t get better, we will be left behind.

Efficient production:

similarly, Great marketing and customer service are necessary. likewise, Find the customers, bring them to buy your product. again Efficient production will lead to a big target audience.

How social factors affecting business:

in fact, How social society is continually changing very fast, The tastes and fashions are a great example of this change, The big and most significant difference is the growing popularity of social media.

not only but also This younger generation prefers to use digital technology to buy online. as well as Aged people will stick to their traditional methods. as a result, These changing factors have a big effect on businesses too. Innovation in social factors can impact a business in many different ways.

Best businesses choose an environmental analysis depending on the nature of operations. However, all of them study social factors to target the audiences.

Due to social changes, they focus on analyses and also have to look carefully at bringing social changes. They also look into the cultural changes which take place in the business environment. furthermore, Market research is a critical part of this step. similarly, It is important to see the trends and patterns of society. again For a better experience, you should know what are the factors that contribute to business success

For a successful business, they should understand the impacts better, you might need to study the factors in detail. equally important Many companies analyze population growth and age structure, They take interest in consumer attitudes and lifestyle changes for bringing new products. finally, New analysis can help in finding new ideas factors affecting business

Following are the social factors which impact the business:

  • Lifestyles
  • Buying habits
  • Education level
  • Religion and beliefs
  • Health consciousness
  • Sex distribution
  • Average disposable income level
  • Social classes
  • Family size and structure
  • Minorities
  • Attitudes toward saving and investing
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Attitudes toward green or ecological products
  • Attitudes toward renewable energy
  • Immigration and emigration rates
  • Age distribution and life expectancy rates
  • Attitudes toward imported products and services
  • Population growth rate
  • Attitudes toward work, career, leisure, and retirement
  • Attitudes toward customer service and product quality

What are technological factors affecting business

Technological factors refer to the ways new practices and equipment affect businesses.
It includes the following

Information and communication technology (ICT)

ICT (Information and communication technology) can make processes and communication within a business quicker and more efficient.
moreover, Businesses need to keep their software and hardware up to date, If they don’t, the product will be seen as old fashioned by customers and business will not get success

Research and development:

Although Research and development refer to the innovation of new products, systems, and services, In recent years research and development have led to successful businesses.

3D printers

A multitude of apps and innovations

They can have a major impact on businesses and sometimes can destroy a traditional business, For example, Kodak was used to produce and sell 80% of the world’s film for the cameras. But the invention of digital cameras made the market for camera film down.


Automation refers to the working of machines that were previously done by people.
For example, due to the introduction of self-scan checkouts in the supermarkets are doing work instead of employees.
Some driverless cars and deliveries by drone are on the way and businesses are not done by humans.
How many people do they employ?
Which new jobs will be needed to support business due to technology.


More and more firms are online. E-commerce:

  • widens the number of customers
  • lowers the costs of production
  • is highly competitive
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What is Niche and Why are They Important

What is Niche?

A Niche is a specialized section of a sub-market that caters to the interests and demands of a selected segment of the audience. The next in hierarchy comes to a niche that is what we want to focus on today. Niches are sufficiently slender than markets and sub-markets.
If you choose the right niche, there may be a fair chance to succeed with your blog (given you put in the difficult work required to develop a blog). Unlike micro niches (discussed below), niches give you sufficient room for increasing your blog to increase the possibility of topics covered.

Why are They Important

A niche is a focused, targetable phase of the market. You are an expert presenting a product or service that makes a specialty of the particular client group, which can not or are not being addressed in such detail by the dominant carriers to your industry

Here are 10 Reasons Why They are Important:

  1. To avoid spreading yourself too thin
  2. It is easier to discover and target potential customers and partners to work with
  3. It is simpler to become an professional and well recognized for your niche
  4. More and better referrals
  5. The more specific you are, the less competition you will have
  6. Marketing become much easier
  7. More repeat business
  8. Stand out
  9. Ideal client
  10. Specialize in a selected area

How to Find Niche for Blog Post

Here are 10 steps to find Niche for Blog Post:

  • Take the what should I blog about quiz
  • Use Amazon to generate blog niches
  • Use Wikihow to select a blog niche
  • Checkout PayPal to get hidden niches
  • Use Google’s Year In Search to get niches that generate traffic
  • Use ClickBank to get profitable niche ideas
  • Try Udemy to select and validate niche ideas
  • Use Pat Flynn’s proven 777 method
  • Use Forum Directories to locate surprising hidden niches
  • Other resources to find blog niche ideas

How to Do Niche Market Research

6 Simple Steps to Niche Market Research:

Step #1: Identify Interests and Problems
  • Bezos started Amazon due to the fact he desired an “everything store”
  • Brin and Page founded Google due to the fact they desired a better way to search the internet
Step #2: Identify Your Market
  • Google Trends
  • Advanced Research
Step #3: Determine Your Profitability
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad Networks
  • Online Store
  • Dropshipping
  • Print On Demand
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars
Step #4: Decide Where You Want to Start
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Ads
  • Social Media
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Email Marketing
Step #5: Find the Right Keywords
  • How hard it will be to rank for that key-word
  • The range of people who look up and click on on that keyword
  • If there are any variations of your keyword that perform better
  • High CPC for your selected keywords
  • Targeted advertisements that target the main keywords
  • Ads in the top three positions of your search engine results
Step #6: Research the Competition
  • Poor content material
  • No paid competition
  • A corporatized environment

How to Define Your Niche?

Here are 8 approaches you may outline and narrow down your small business niche:

1. Build at an Intersection

  • Updated advertising abilities for tourism
  • Economic development for small towns

2. Serve an Industry

  • Linen carrier for restaurant and food services
  • More particular
  • Websites for churches and non religious organizations

3. Provide a Specialized Service

  • Give the education only, not the services itself
  • Provide the services only, not education
  • Certify others to offer carrier below your brand
  • Provide restores for products, no matter where purchased

4. Target a Tough-to-Serve Customer

  • Daycare focusing on newborns and infants
  • Serving small agencies on the stage of hiring their first employee

5. Provide Your Service in Unexpected Places

  • Laundry and dry cleansing with office pickup and delivery
  • Prepared food delivered to your home
  • Mobile notary services

6. Consider Geographic Location

  • The tri-state area
  • Northwest Oklahoma
  • Woods County
  • Alva
  • Downtown

7. Offer the Best Service

  • Action Wholesale Liquor in Oklahoma City
  • United Linen in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

8. Distinguish Yourself with Price

  • The classy steak place
  • The cheap eats joint
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Professional Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore

Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore

Finally, Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies, which are used in computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not need end-user knowledge of the physical location and structure of the system that delivers the services

Cloud Computing Classification

Online Computing is further classified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provide a platform, technology, and applications in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure (Cloud Computing Solution):

Microsoft’s Azure is a less expensive, considerably scalable cloud platform that gives scope to provide a diverse range of hosted services over the Internet, An application platform, Microsoft Azure authorizes applications to be developed, hosted, and run at Microsoft data centers, Similarly other Cloud Computing platforms, Azure-based systems need no hardware management and provide service level guarantees for online processing power and storage space

Rana Technologies:

Although Utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver low-cost, scalable, and reliable Cloud Computing services, Leveraging the power and flexibility of the Azure platform, they work on developing the most complete and most trustable Cloud solutions, Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, they have a huge team of committed Microsoft professionals who specialize in high-end Microsoft technologies, They have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies and experience delivering integrated, end-to-end hosting solutions.

Professional Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore, Pakistan (Highlights of Azure Cloud services):

  • another, equally important Secure, trustable application platform
  • also Safe data storage and provide services, 24/7
  • further Access to wide range of Microsoft’s tools and technologies
  • in fact Dynamic, flexible and scalable solutions
  • in the same way Utility model, pay as you wish facility
  • Low total cost ownership

Rana Technologies’ regarding Cloud Computing Solutions:

moreover, You can get more information through the given details.
Contact Number: +92-313-4226171 (24/7 Helpline)
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday:
10.00 AM – 07.00 PM
Office Address:
Suite # 410, 4th floor, Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan.
Email Address: sales@ranatechnologies.com
Website: www.ranatechnologies.com

Data storage and clouds Services in Lahore

Besides SepiaHost in Lahore, Sepia Solutions is an authorized Google Cloud with G Suite (Google Apps) services Partner in Lahore, They provide technical assistance, guidance in setting up G Suite (Google Apps) services to many businesses in Lahore, This expertise helps to recognize the full benefits of the Google Apps program and smooth migration from any legacy system to the Google Apps collective platform, G Suite (Google Apps) offers a cloud-based productivity suite that helps in team connection and gets work from anywhere on any device, It is very simple to use and manage, it works smarter and focuses on what really matters

Contact Number:
+92 21 34324499

Google Cloud and G Suite(Google apps) Services:
  • They offer in Lahore
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Data migration services and
  • Mobile devices integration, Deployment and Integration
Gmail For Business

Gmail support, Google Apps Email Services are activeate by Google Flagship product Gmail, offering up to 30GB of storage.

Google Drive

As a result, GDrive allows storing files in the cloud, sharing them, and having access to them from anywhere.

Google Docs

Not only-but also Create, share and work on documents with the whole team in less time.

Google Calendar

Easily schedule meetings at instant times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders, and share calendars.

Google Sites

in fact, Build project websites without writing a single line of code, is as easy as writing a document, And it saves time.

Google Hangouts

With Hangouts, you can have a group chat, and easily make a video or voice conversation right on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet

Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing provides a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for Information, Cloud Computing services are rapidly being adopted by enterprises owing to the instant deployment and lessened expenditure of the Cloud, It is a Virtualized private Cloud that offers a secure environment with required applications to accelerate business productivity and save time, It is shared, on multi-tenant infrastructure and multi-tenancy improves utilization and efficiency level cutting off CapEx completely, As Cloud applications leverage the Cloud architecture, there is no burden of software installation, maintenance, and support

Cloud Computing Market in Lahore

Great time for cloud computing in Pakistan, says Oracle sales Manager: Waqas Hashmi, Pakistan’s Information communications and technology (ICT) sector is a crucial business driver and has been ranked one of the largest contributors to the economy over a long time, The current technology landscape is speedily evolving with the emergence of enterprise cloud offerings, which in turn is accelerating the pace of innovation growth, Along with technology, smartphone usage in the country is showing strong growth too, Mobile apps are required to connect to corporate back-end systems because that is where data for the app is found. Cloud not only provides access to big data or gives corporations a deeper understanding of their customers and insight into how to best run their business but also advantages to different types and sizes of companies

Best Software Houses in Lahore

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software house in Lahore

5 Software houses in Lahore you should know about

Best Software Houses in Lahore you should know about

Software houses are working in different cities of Pakistan and providing their products and services around the world as well. Now the world is changing into digitization and information technology is influencing our daily life, due to software houses in Pakistan being at their peak the below list contains the information and details of best software house in Lahore and their services

Following are the top 5 software houses in Lahore

1 NETSOL Technologies Inc

Netsol supplies the best quality software products and services around the world, It is on the top of the list of software companies in Lahore, It fulfills the requirements of its customers by keeping its staff as a principal asset In December 1995, it was start by Salim Ghauri, Now it has become an international IT consultancy and software developer company, NETSOL has attained global fame in allocating enterprise solutions to the lending and finance industry, It also facilitates its clients in banking, healthcare, system integration, and IT services. It works with more than 200 finance and leasing companies around the world.

It is the first Pakistani company that was a list on the NASDAQ. NASDAQ is the world’s second-largest worldwide electronic marketplace. The company took almost 5 years to make its mark on the Pakistani IT industry as well as on the international map.

NetSol is an honor to work with the world’s best companies such as BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Yamaha, Fiat, and Volkswagen

2 Techlogix

Techlogix has been started by 3 members who are, Salman Akhtar, Kewan Qadre Khawaja, and Khurram Afridi. The firm has more than 300 employees and facilitates their clients worldwide in eBusiness services and IT services, The office is in Lahore and its branches are in Karachi and Islamabad, It has offices and branches in Dubai, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Boston. Its software development center is in Beijing.

It helps its people in enterprise transformation by harmonizing people, business processes, and technology. It has released a software tool called MAESTrO, which is used in the automotive industry for the creation of electrical systems for fuel-efficient vehicles

3 Conrad Labs

Conrad Labs is one of the best software houses in Lahore. They have a very talented and experienced team who work hard. It has extensive SaaS (software-as-a-service) cloud knowledge and technologies. Conard labs teamwork with Java, MySQL, Python, jQuery, and PHP for application development and purpose-built software services.

Conrad Labs was started by Abbas Yousafzai on March 15, 2009. Which provides highly skilled technical services. It builds commercial-grade Web and mobile products. It also provides DevOps services and manages deployments to create a high availability

4 Confiz

It is also consider to be one of the largest software houses in Lahore. It was founded in 2005 and is the fastest growing technology company. Its team is composed of more than 300 members. Config has offices in Pakistan, the USA, and Estonia. Some of their clients are Microsoft, Telenor, Ufone, Sage, cmd, ars, PAKWHEELS.COM, Sears, KYCK, Reading Rainbow, exactly.me, TalentCove, Intel, hoodie, and pulse point

The company has gotten awards and certificates of CMMI Maturity Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 20000:2011 (ITSM), and ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS). It is facilitating clients in content management, portal applications, application modernization, mobile strategy, mobile Interface design and mobile application development.

5 Mindstorm Studios

It was founded by Babar Ahmed and Faraz Ahmed in 2006. Mindstorm studios have more than 40 employees with the best experience in game development, animation, character design, architectural visualization, and graphic design.

It has created a number of outstanding games since 2006 and aims to deliver outstanding content to a global audience.

Mindstorm Studios has been creating original first-party core, mid-core, and casual games for mobiles and tablets for the past 12 years. The intelligent and highly skilled team of the software house is always working on innovative and new technologies to create amazing games.

It is one of the best software houses in Lahore because of its great work. They have created a number of games for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices. One of their amazing games is Alliance Wars. Global invasion installs have ranged from 10,000-50,000+ while some of its players spend up to 5000 USD each month on in-app purchases.

Mindstorm is producing high-quality games in Pakistan which is also getting famous internationally just because of its hard work.

How to get an internship in a software house in Lahore

  • To get an internship in a software house in Lahore, visit software houses. The IT industry in Pakistan is big which will need interns.
  • First of all check the Lahore software houses websites for the internship, if then check the eligibility criteria.
  • Prepare the best CV, show your creativeness and talent on your CV and start visiting these software houses in Lahore

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