MindGigs will Assist in FYP to Reach Industry Level

 MindGigs will Assist you in FYP to Reach Industry  Level

Final year 20 project ideas for any BCS & MS students

  • Exam Management System:

There are a lot of students in schools and colleges which take an exam using pen and paper. So this method takes a lot of time for managing student. This is  difficult for school, college management and especially for teacher. For solving this issue exam management system will be the best solution. This software will be developed using web technology and which consist of some modules: student registration, login system, admin dashboard, set exam, accept exam, staff, results, payment system for students.


Web Application


PHP, HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap & CSS.



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4 Great Android Apps that Pays You Money

4 Great Android Apps that Pays You Money

We all have browsed the play store for free or paid apps. But have you ever tried apps that pay you money instead? In this blog, I am going to share with you great android apps that earn money for you. All this is done by doing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, listening to music, taking photos and predicting match outcomes.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is the brand that everyone knows, so if an app that promises to pay you should be trusted. The first one in my list is Google Opinion Rewards. The name of the app clarifies what the app stands for. You have to take online surveys to get the rewards. Further, it’s an Android Exclusive app, so apologize to iOS users on this one.

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