Get in with Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) through Youth Ambassadors Program 2020. Registrations are open for current students with the age from (15 to 30 years) in any field and in any institution all over Pakistan. The main requirement is that one must be enrolled in an educational institution. It is open for all age citizens especially from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Once one join, one will be certified as a volunteer ambassador of ANF.

Youth ambassador meaning

Youth Ambassadors are motivated young people who represent young people’s right to information. Youth Ambassadors play an active role in peer-to-peer activities, their involvement in national or grass root organizations, national and international youth events, and participation. This ensures that the voice of young people is heard whenever there is a problem, and then ideas and plans are developed for them, which will meet the needs of young people.

Good youth ambassador characteristics are the following;

  • Nominated upon on the basis of equal opportunities and non discrimination
  • Having a positive experience of using youth information services for their  development
  • Strongly motivated to help out  youth problems
  • Having good speaking power for young people’s right
  • Actively participates in activities.
  • To address the youth problems to the concerned authorities.
  • To gain skills and competences for youth information
  • Having knowledge, abilities and skills  to become youth ambassador and spokesperson for youth rights

Student rights in Pakistan

There are some basic student rights in Pakistan that are very crucial for them. In the absence of those fundamental rights, the meaning of student rights would be meaningless. So, the government’s role and responsibility is very important in providing quality education to its people.

Following are the student rights in Pakistan;

  • According to constitution of Pakistan, it is state responsibility to provide quality education to its citizens
  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Right to get education
  • No student shall be exploited on the base of caste, religion, race and color
  • Each student has the right to personal privacy
  • There should be quota for disabled students
  • Students should get job on merit or need basis, not on reference basis
  • Educational institutions should be free of harassment for female students
  • Grading should be free of discrimination
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