January 15, 2024

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You can Visit BIO Lab System by Clicking this , For login you need A username/Email and Password  which is
Username/Email : and Password: admin

Welcome to MINDGIGS BIO LAB as a Project . At MINDGIGS, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of technology. We’re excited to announce the completion of our latest project, the BIO LAB SYSTEM. This cutting-edge system revolutionizes laboratory processes, offering streamlined workflows and enhanced efficiency. Stay tuned for more updates on how MINDGIGS continues to lead the way in technological advancements.
List of Features and Functionality

System Admin & User Account

System Admin (System Administrator):

  • A System Administrator, often referred to as sysadmin or admin, is an individual responsible for managing and maintaining the computer systems and networks within an organization.
  • Their primary role includes configuring, installing, and maintaining hardware and software components of a computer system.
  • System Admins are in charge of ensuring the overall health, security, and performance of the systems they manage.
  • They handle tasks such as user account management, system backups, software updates  medical lab software free integration, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

User Account:    

  • In the context of computer systems, a user account is a personal digital identity assigned to an individual who interacts with a computer, network, or software.
  • Each user account has a unique username and a password for authentication purposes. The combination of a username and password ensures that only authorized users can access the system.
  • User accounts can have different levels of privileges, determining the actions and resources a user is allowed to access. For example, an administrator account typically has more permissions than a regular user account.
  • User accounts are crucial for security and access control, as they help organizations manage and monitor who has access to what resources on their systems including access to medical laboratory software free.

Dashboard Information

A dashboard is a visual representation of data and information, often displayed on a single screen, allowing users to quickly grasp and understand complex datasets including data from a lab management system.


Add Patients:

This feature allows users, possibly healthcare professionals or administrators, to input and add information about new patients into the system. This information may include personal details, medical history, contact information, and other relevant data , facilitated by medical lab software.

List of Patients:

This feature provides a comprehensive list or overview of all the patients currently recorded in the system. It allows users to quickly access and review the information of all registered patients , facilitated by pathology lab software free download .

Edit & Delete Patients:

Edit Patients:

This feature allows authorized users to modify or update the information of existing patients. It could include functionalities such as changing contact details, updating medical records, or making other necessary adjustments . Additionally, users may utilize resources like pathology lab software free download Indian to further enhance their capabilities within the system.

Delete Patients:

This feature permits authorized users to remove or delete patient records from the system. Deleting a patient might be done in cases where the record is no longer relevant or if there was an error in the entry , facilitated by medical lab reports software free download.


  1.  Create Test Invoice:

This feature allows users, likely individuals involved in billing or financial transactions, to generate a test or sample invoice. Creating a test invoice is useful for checking the functionality of the system or for training purposes without affecting real financial data , facilitated by pathology lab free software.

  1. Print Invoice:

This feature enables users to generate a physical or digital copy of an invoice for documentation or distribution purposes. Printing an invoice is often necessary for providing a tangible record to customers or for internal record-keeping , supported by the medical lab management software free download.

  1. Edit & Delete Invoice:

Edit Invoice:

This feature allows authorized users to make modifications or updates to an existing invoice. This could include correcting errors, updating item details, or adjusting the invoice total , facilitated by the best lab software.

Delete Invoice:

This feature permits authorized users to remove or delete an invoice from the system. Deleting an invoice might be necessary in cases where an invoice was created in error, or if there are other valid reasons for removing it from the records.

Test / Laboratory

  1. Collect Sample:

This feature allows users, such as laboratory technicians or healthcare professionals, to record and manage the collection of test samples. It involves the initial step of gathering specimens for further analysis. Additionally, users may seek resources like medical laboratory software near me to enhance their capabilities within the system.

  1. Pending Test:

This feature provides a list or overview of tests that are in the pending state. These are tests that have been requested or samples that have been collected but are yet to undergo analysis or validation.

  1. Test Validation:

This stage involves the validation or verification of test results. It likely includes processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test outcomes before they are finalized.

  1. Completed Test:

This feature displays a list or status of tests that have been successfully completed. It signifies that the analysis or examination of the test samples is finished, and the results are ready for further action.

  1. Edit / Delete Test Record:

Edit Test Record:

This feature allows authorized users to make modifications or updates to the records of specific tests. It could involve correcting data entry errors, updating test details, or making other necessary adjustments.

Delete Test Record:

This feature permits authorized users to remove or delete test records from the system. Deleting a test record might be done in cases where the record is inaccurate or if there was an error in the entry.

  1. Print Test Report:

This feature enables users to generate a physical or digital copy of the test report for documentation or distribution purposes. Printing a test report is essential for providing tangible records to healthcare professionals or for internal record-keeping.

Search Record + Print

    • Search Test with Patients ID OR Mobile Number
  • Reports
    • Financial Report
    • Accounts Report
    • Reference Report
  • Expenses
    • Add Expense
    • Expense Detail
    • Expense Categories
    • Expense Report


    • Test / Lab Templates

This feature allows users, such as administrators or lab managers, to create and manage templates for tests or laboratory procedures. Templates could include predefined settings, parameters, or configurations that streamline the process of creating new tests or lab orders.

  • Lab Departments

This feature enables users to define and manage different departments within a laboratory or testing facility. Lab departments may represent different areas of specialization or specific functions within the laboratory, and this setting allows for the organization and management of these departments using lab report software.

  • Lab / Test Samples

This setting likely involves the configuration and management of lab or test samples. It could include defining sample types, labeling conventions, and other details related to handling and processing samples in a laboratory or testing environment.

  • Doctor Register

This feature allows for the registration and management of information related to doctors. It could include details such as names, contact information, specialties, and other relevant data about healthcare professionals who interact with the system, particularly in the context of ordering or overseeing lab tests , Additionally, users may utilize resources like medical laboratory management software free download to further enhance their capabilities within the system.

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