September 8, 2021

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What is IQ?

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

Albert Einstein

We often heard people saying your child is very intelligent. Does he study hard or is he God-gifted intelligent?

So the question arises in our minds how can be children differs from each other in terms of intelligence? What the term intelligence is? How can we measure someone’s intelligence?

The answer is very simple yet sensitive, and that is IQ helps to judge a person’s intelligence.

IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient. It refers to how intelligent and competent a person is.

Intelligent Quotient or IQ is measured based on different parameters. it is a technique to gauge a person’s capabilities. Some refer to logical analysis, or it may be value and culture-based testing.

In some opinions, IQ is a genetic behavior and is transmitted into generations. However, a person can adopt a high level by observing, analyzing, and practicing continually.

It shows the question-solving skills and logical reasoning ability of a person.

IQ is quite interesting yet it is not the only method to find out how successful a person is.

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What is an IQ level?

Numerous IQ tests are performed in schools to boost and scrutinize the IQ level of students. It helps in isolating struggling and intelligent students.

IQ testing is also used as a part of job placement procedures.

Psychologists have assigned different scores for assessing the IQ levels globally. Usually, the score is 100. Whoever scores 60-80 then its percentage is calculated accordingly.

According to research, United States was ranked 24th out of 108th countries worldwide.

IQ is calculated by taking a ratio of a person’s mental age with his physical age multiply by 100.

What is an IQ Testing?

The world is full of competition but only those win who knuckled themselves down to perceive and practice. IQ tests are essential for mental health diagnosis. IQ tests have been evolved considerably to keep an eye on intellectual functionalities.

Different online and Global Quiz competitions, mathematics mania, and linguistic quizzes are taken to assess students’ intelligence.

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is the first Intelligent Quotient test that was prepared on global standards. Later on, many testing services emerged and conducted Intelligent Quotientstandardized testing services to evaluate intelligence.

Kangaroo Tests are being conducted to predict the students’ ability in linguistics, mathematics, art, and Information Technology. Besides, a lot of practice and ambition for success bring students to excel.

What is an average IQ level of a Person?

In most cases, in a range of 80-120, Intelligent Quotient is considered to be average. The range below 70 is regarded as mental retardation as Intelligent Quotient levels down quite low.

Only a few in the world are having more than average Intelligent Quotient levels and are deemed, Intelligent People. Some of them from Pakistan are;

  • Fatima Khulood Zia
  • Arfa Karim (Late)
  • Ali Moeen NAwazish
  • Haroon Tariq
  • Tara Baloch

Ways to Boost IQ Level:

Many factors are involved in boosting up the Intelligent Quotient level. Like genes, parental Intelligent Quotient, nutrition, and education.

However, Intelligent Quotientcan be boosted by engaging in multiple activities like

  • Involving oneself in memory games like jigsaw, and Sudoku
  • Frequent Reading books
  • Learning multi-languages
  • Learning through visuospatial reasoning activities
  • Vocabulary building like scrabble, Pictionary
  • Musical Instruments

In short, practicing hard, being persistent, able to think outside of the book categorizes a person with a highly Intelligent Quotient.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, and managing stress levels also play a crucial role in boosting one’s IQ level and overall cognitive function.



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