Cicrete bracelet


In science fiction movies like Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man, we have seen futuristic gadgets in which there is a touching glass screen, and it appears like a window in the air. But now this device is not just a dream but reality. A company is working to make this touchscreen happen. This bracelet will be a goodbye to your smartphones.

All clients need to do is slip on this cicrete bracelet to change their skin into a working touchscreen. The progressive wearable projects a cell phone screen on the surface of your arm. It has eight sensors which has extended range proximity. Each tap on your skin cautions a sensor, which at that point sends data back to the wristband and afterward to your cell phone using Bluetooth. How freaking is that?

A Paris-based outline organization is hoping to take the wearable gadgets pattern to the following level with the perception of ‘cicrete,’ a wrist trinket that undertakings the screen of your cell phone specifically onto your wrist. It is right now in the model stage and company is looking for making it a reality. The wristband remotely attaches to a cell phone and radiates the interface onto the wearer’s arm.