WordPress is built in PHP framework and was launched in May 27, 2003 by Micheal Valdrighi. It started out as Blogging system as opposed to pure CMS like Drupal or Joomla. However, due to a large number of plugins and active community, WordPress has evolved into a true CMS system– that is not only giving a tough time to Drupal and Joomla–but beating them at their own game.

To this date WordPress has over 40,000 active plugins that are increasing day by day. It is also Open source, which means that the online community can modify and upgrade the source code without any restrictions.

Very Easy to Use

WordPress is made purely for beginners, who have zero knowledge of web-development. The user does not have to know PHP or HTML like Drupal and Joomla Content Management System. All one need to do is to install themes for the looks of the website; and required plugins, which we will look at later on. Further, according to a survey, Online Editors love to use WordPress –because it frees them of Coding knowledge and allows them to focus only on editing.