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July 7, 2022



What is Testing Management System?

A Testing Management System is software that collects data from students and arranges a test of them from taking personal data to showing the result this software makes the organization work easily and makes flow smoothly with the system

Testing services in Pakistan list:

There are a lot of testing services in Pakistan few of them are listed below:

  1. Universal Testing Services: UTS
  2. Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA)
  3. PTS: Pakistan Testing Service
  4. NTS ™ – Pakistan
  5. ATS Allied Testing Service

list of top Testing Management System

1)  Universal Testing Services: UTS

Universal testing service UTS is an Islamabad testing service that takes the project from the organization and arranges a test for them and collects the data when people apply on their portal then UTS take data and arrange test according to needs etc.

The management system helps the team to easily access and manage the data firstly they check the required education and age limit etc and then they decide that is the person will be accepted or rejected for the post in the software dashboard they can add projects, posts, and all the details and they the software provide facility to the team to work on easy and single clicks.

If you want to know more about the UTS system you can check the demo of the system which is open from team Mindgigs for everyone demo link   top testing services in pakistan .

2) Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA)

Etea is the most project-winning agency which takes almost all government projects and has a well-managed Test Management System with matured software and a lot of functionality.

All these testing software has almost the same workflow they take personal data and check the details that can appear in the test etc and then they generate an invoice and get the test from the user after that they check the test and show the result to all of them and process goes on.

3) PTS: Pakistan Testing Service

The Pakistan Testing Services (PTS) is an independent body with a clear mission for its clients to accomplish their best by giving them affirmed victory. It makes a vow to give the best consultancy and evaluation benefits all around the country to make the choice simpler for every one of the foundations and favors straightforward enlistment.

Our superior performance business approach includes the accomplishment of feasible incentives for their clients and partners by the best utilization of counseling, assessment, innovation, and reevaluating. PTS follows a system to upgrade the abilities and work on the functional execution by presenting new innovative patterns and carrying out them to convey the best to the clients. Our methodology goes for the gold to convey all the more successfully and effectively and grow their business in the market by getting the ideal individuals for the right work. top testing services in Pakistan.

PTS works by utilizing its aptitude, business process information, and its knowledge to assess the changing organizational business climate and furnish its clients with industry-based, exceptionally differentiated, and start-to-finish administrations in all regards.

4) NTS ™ – Pakistan

National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) is a Public Sector Company, which is Pakistan’s most memorable trailblazer testing administration enlisted under Section-42 of the Companies Act, 2017 as a Not-revenue has driven Company Limited by Guarantee. The NTS is affirmed by the International Standards Organization (ISO), and the regulatory Ministry of the NTS is the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). The NTS was laid out with a general aim/objective of building, enhancing, and promoting the standards of educational and professional testing in Pakistan. To achieve these goals effectively, NTS leverages top 5 test management tools to streamline its testing processes and ensure high-quality and efficient test administration.

5) ATS Allied Testing Service

Allied Testing Services  (ATS) is a cutting-edge and decided Testing Management System administrations Provider Company having a great history in testing and quality confirmation. However, ATS is a recently settled organization yet acquiring notoriety for offering idiot-proof, straightforward, and savvy administrations to its esteemed clients.

ATS is Pakistan’s one of the most mind-blowing testing services company, demurely focusing to promote honesty and careful recruiting with a zero-tolerance policy. ATS is following a transparent and corruption-free testing system to discover talent. Test centers of our organization are located in nearly forty major cities of Pakistan to accommodate more than 5,000 applicants per city each day. most popular test management tools are utilized by ATS to enhance its testing processes and ensure efficiency and reliability


In conclusion, the presence and utilization of advanced Testing Management Systems (TMS) by leading testing services in Pakistan exemplify a commitment to efficiency, transparency, and excellence in the field of educational and professional testing. These systems, employed by organizations such as Universal Testing Services (UTS), Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA), Pakistan Testing Service (PTS), National Testing Service (NTS), and Allied Testing Service (ATS), streamline data collection, test administration, and result dissemination processes.

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