November 8, 2017



What is an Android App?

Android  Software application running on Android platform. Because the platform is constructed for mobile gadgets, a typical Android app is designed for a phone or a tablet having System.

Why Apps?

A properly-designed app runs quicker than a mobile website because the framework that cellular apps use can run almost 5 times quicker than a Javascript code! Therefore, cellular websites are technically slower than mobile apps!

#1Cellular Apps offer better personalization
#2 Apps has capability to work offline.
#3 Liberties in designing
#4 Apps can work quicker than websites
#5 Customers spend greater time on apps

Function of Apps

Apps provide a specific set of capabilities which, by means of definition, do not include the tasks of the OS itself. Apps are designed to work on particular devices, and are designed for a specific working system (like iOS, Windows, or Android).
There are 3 types of apps:
1. Native apps
• iOS on Objective-C or Swift
• Android on Java
• Windows Phone on Internet

2. Hybrid apps for all systems altogether with Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch so forth.

3. Web apps as responsive variations of internet site to work on any mobile tool.

App Development Process


1. Stage 1: preliminary phone call or consultation with the team. Locating the right individuals(s) to take on your task can be a mission. …
2. Stage 2: Signing a Contract. …
3. Stage 3: Twine-framing. …
4. Stage 4: Design. …
5. Stage 5: Development. …
6. Stage 6: Beta Try out. …
7. Stage 7: Release. …
8. Stage 8: Publish- Launch.

Why Android? Why not iOS?

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are working systems used in most cellphones today. It is inclusive of smartphones and tablets. Adroid is Linux-based and in part open source, it is much more PC-like than iOS, in that its interface and fundamental functions are customizable. However, iOS’ similar layout elements are occasionally visible as being extra customer-friendly.
Android is the world’s most commonly used mobile OS and is used by many distinctive phone producers. iOS on the other hand is used exclusively on Apple gadgets, including the iPhone, iPads, and iPods.

Content Written by: Anbreen Inayat

Edited by: Waqas Khan

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