Remote working Good Initiative – Female?

How it will be better if you stay at home and doing job? Means in other words do Remote working!

In our country Pakistan culture Male generation thinks only male have right to earn. Is it right? Here the question is that why our thinking is so short in this matter. Well we can’t change someone thinking in one night. But we have other ways, other sources which you can use easily. When I am sitting alone sometimes I think can a mother, sister can earn staying at home, can they do remote working? But what are they ways for earning good money. Is it a Good initiative? After a brief study I reached to that conclusion “Yes, females can earn money at home. They can do remote working, a digital nomad”.

Remote working trend

Gone the day when remote working was a just engrossing oddity narrowly heard. But now days it’s a often practice of different organization. The time is changed. Research work indicates that remote work will makes its self equal if offices locations are not surpassed by 2025.Most of organization prefer to do this practice because they having some interests like lower business investments, not time consuming etc.

Pros & Cons! And Tools? – Remote working

Friends all of you know that there is a some advantages and disadvantages of everything. Pros and cons of remote working and Usage remote working Tools explained here.

Precaution! Remote Working

  • Use a VPN for connecting internet and avoiding Public Wi-Fi’s.
  • Make it habits to use screen filters while working in Public.
  • Make your back up of Data frequently.
  • In your devices install tracking software.
  • Set up Password, Install Antivirus tool and use of Firewall.

Legitimate works at home for Females – Remote working

Start a Blog

Blogging is at 1st position in remote working. It’s a most flexible job ever I find. And best source of limitless earning. I talk to a female Entrepreneur Blogger Ayesha Ali.Founder of Blog Academy, “I believe blogging is the best job during stay at home because your work is completely on your own predefined timetable. When I read that bloggers can earn up to $10000 a month, I thought that if other people can do that then why not i? so here now I am. I accept blogging takes some time in start but its outcome are much awesome and fruitful. It’s a favorite form of income in my mind.” She said.girls i prefer you to do content writer course with Mindgigs Technologies. they having best instructors there.Here is Outline for content  writing course.

Use Affiliate Marketing

It’s a kind a home job which we can do remotely if you know how you recommend products to your friends and family. For that you can get a handsome amount. You refer your product on online to some one via Link. If someone clicks on this link, the company of product you are promoting will pay you as per click on that link.

Freelance writer

Hey lay are you willing to write? You can make handsome amount with your writing skills. I met with a freelance writer, Saima qureshi a passionate freelance writer. who earn $13000 per month. Writing is a best job for those who are fluent in English writing skills. “I found a secret sauce of making handsome amount with working at home. I am charging right amount for writing and giving a quality material”, She said.

For freelance writing as a working from home I prefer you read this article. “Want to be a Freelance writer? ”.


Bookkeeping a new kind of job. Main concept of bookkeeping is very simple. You have to keep a record financial for small business. You can do it as a freelancer or by remote working. You can earn up to 50$ per hour.

Become Proof Reader

Hey girl! do you think you are bets at catching mistake during reading? You can point out grammar mistakes? If you think you are smart in this work. Then I invite you for this job. You can earn up to $4000 per month.


Transcriptionist is used to listen audio files and record what they hear. If you having guts of listen and sit for a long while. And keep your eye on each and every detail. Then are most welcome as a transcribing. You can up to 7$ to 25$ per hour.

Virtual assistant

virtual assistant
virtual assistant

Virtual assistant job is best in remote working types. It’s a excellent job can be done from everywhere. Services which you offer as a virtual assistant are mostly related to graphic designing, content creation etc. You can earn up to $100 per hour.

There are many other remote working based jobs are there like Social media manager, create online stores, Social media evaluate and so on. They are very much fruit full sources of working. I hope females! These some home based working jobs can help you to earn handsome amount. So why you are waiting? Just start today!

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