There is no doubt that choosing a name for your web based business is annoy task.I relinquish that relinquish that this task “assigning name to the web based business” filled with animus. We have to thank full to some tools. With that tools we can search web based business ideas and names which includes shortest combination of words and Seo.

But everyone is not lucky, “Here I mean those people who having no knowledge about that”.

For that I talk with “Zahid Husain” founder of Mindgigs Technologies.”Some time peoples come to me and saying that I hope I never think to name a web based business. Yes, giving name to the web based business ideas is always scary to me. I’ve help to name web based business solutions more than 6 years. I am thinking that it will be great to me if I give list of some points when I usually creating a new name for web based business services”, He said.