YouTube Channel Policies and Safety & Restriction Applied in 2017

youtube policies :By: Anbreen Inayat

Policies and Safety

Whenever you are using YouTube, you join a community of people all around the world. YouTube have cool new community feature which involves a level of trust. Millions of people use YouTube and respect that must be well aware of youtube policies.

Youtube policies

You may not like everything on YouTube. If the content is inappropriate, you have to use flagging feature submit it which is review by YouTube staff.  Flagged content are reviewed 24hours a day, 7days a week to know that is there any violation of our Community Guidelines.

YouTube will no longer allow you to make money until you reach 10,000 views

YouTube started their partner program for everyone five years ago. Which was a big deal:

Everyone could sign up for this service. Upload videos and immediately make money. Which grow YouTube into the webs’s biggest video platform, but it has also some problems. People were growing accounts that uploaded content owned by other people, sometimes huge report labels or film studios, from time to time different popular YouTube creators.

To its partner program later on YouTube has announced a new change. From now on, creator’s receivers have the ability to turn on monetization till they hit 10,000 lifetime perspectives on their channel. It is a threshold which will give a chance to gather adequate information on a channel if it is legit. It will not discourage you from signing up for new services.

YouTube’s constrained rules are impacting gaming channels

YouTube creators who belong to site’s gaming and LGBT communities have observed that lots of their videos are hidden in restricted mode, regardless of not violating any of the rules that would lead to videos being undiscoverable.

YouTube came below fire over the weekend for confined mode, a seven-yr-vintage content material filtering machine, after many members of the LGBT network observed their films had been hidden by using its set of rules. With new interest for the difficulty, creators from throughout YouTube started out to test whether or not their films were discoverable in confined mode.

YouTube won’t position ads on videos from channels with fewer than 10k views.

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