How to name a web based business

There is no doubt that choosing a name for your web based business is annoy task.I relinquish that relinquish that this task “assigning name to the web based business” filled with animus. We have to thank full to some tools. With that tools we can search web based business ideas and names which includes shortest combination of words and Seo.

But everyone is not lucky, “Here I mean those people who having no knowledge about that”.

For that I talk with “Zahid Husain” founder of Mindgigs Technologies.”Some time peoples come to me and saying that I hope I never think to name a web based business. Yes, giving name to the web based business ideas is always scary to me. I’ve help to name web based business solutions more than 6 years. I am thinking that it will be great to me if I give list of some points when I usually creating a new name for web based business services”, He said.

Ideal name has no peers – Web based business

“When ever you giving a name to web based startup ideas, I prefer you to search in Google for idiosyncratic term that returns more than 2000 results. A complete unique name can be tracked online.” He said.

Keyword is in the name

“Being a SEO, I prefer you people to you a keyword in name and Url of a company (Domain name). This will work in certain cases. It’s not implementing universally. its need a healthy word. It not mean you use “Jackson hole real estate” in the name of your company.

Accurate topical association -Web based business

“When you here names like ning, frappe etc first time , there is no connection with the companies field operations. When I practice my preference has always be a name for a business ideas that have a topical association with the industry or focusing the business. it’s make it easy to clients for understanding when they heard a company once that what they are in dealing with”, He said.

Clear obvious spelling

“This one point is lost in web 2.0 generation and even other companies like SEOmoz, Amazon etc run a spelling mistake during searching some time. So you have to make your business startup name clear and grammatically correct”, He said.


“Yeah, obviously if you using .com name for your web based business startup name is much critical if your competitors already using it. The process of taking name from them is much long. It’s a plus point for your business that your name is not entirely unique name, in some case. You can buy name for your online business. Keep googling! “,He said.

Brand worthy

“Keep in mind, before naming your online business startup.You has your unique identity and a specific business model. A set of unique qualities that’s makes you’re separate and more reliable from your other competitors. Make it sure that your name of web based business startup is logically fits with your business”, he said.

Charismatic – Web based business

“This is the toughest of all important points. Your web based business startup must have carried an emotional power with it. But here in business market not everyone is agreed with this point. It’s not subjective but the charismatic quality is you, Not your users!

If you a have that kind of name of your business that represent you and make you feel confidence and can shareable with that uncle who always gives you a bad time – Bingo! You’ve got name for your business startup”, He said.

I love to heard more ideas for the name of your business  from you people, so keep googling.