Why iPhone is better than Android Mobiles

There are seven major points that’s why iphone is better then android

iphone vs android.

1: Ease of Use

While The beauty of Apple design is that you can pick up any of its products and teach yourself how to use it. Without thinking much. Humans love to not think much. The iPhone is intuitive, it’s simple and the design is so tasteful that it sucks you in. An Android phone, on the other hand, is often like a PC. You have to learn how the designer was thinking, as opposed to the designer learning how you think. iphone vs android

2: Software Updates

Yes! Apple’s software can sometimes be buggy. But when there’s new software available, everyone can get it with a simple download. Compare this with android. It’s new software, Marshmallow was officially launched last October. Guess how many Android phones now have it? Just only 2.3 percent. This drives many Android users demented. Sometimes, it just drives them to buy an iPhone.