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Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is much Important now a days. And we relate SEO with Blog, it’s a duty of every Bloggers to know how much important is SEO for writers.
It’s my Monday’s Post, “One Page Summery”.
Today my topic is SEO for Bloggers

Step 1 Determine the Post Goals: SEO for Bloggers

  •  Attract new Audience
  • Serve existing Community
  •  Earn Influencer  amplification
  •  Contribute to on Existing conversation
  •  Convince the audience to your perspective
  •  Answer the question
  •  Share important news  And Then
  • Promote a product &  Determine the matrices that matters most to that Goal!

Step 2 Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post: SEO for Bloggers

Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post
Determine the Audience you need to reach with this post

Step 3 Do your keyword Research: SEO for Bloggers

A) 3-5 keyword phrases to target
B) Relatively high volume, low difficulty, High CTR opportunity.
C) All Keywords have the same searcher intent.
 Luxury kids cloths

Step 4 Conduct Competitive Research

Who else ranking for these keywords?
Who has produced heavily shared content?
What unique post can you provide?

Step 5 Create the post

Create the post
Create the post

Step 6 On-Pages SEO

select the Primary and 2-4 secondary keywords to attempt to rank for based on your keyword research content focus.
Use keyword intelligently in the tile, URL
Consider only old URL you might redirect here

Step 7 Craft on outreach amplification plan for your post

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