15 Professional SEO Rules

15 SEO Professional Rules

1. Target Keywords




You should include your target keywords in Url and in page title for generating better results. 


2. Site Performance


For better results you must check the your site through Google Insights ,to check your site performance

3. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Make your site Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

4. Infographic or Graphs

Most of the people not include graphs on their website but the info graphics play a good role in SEO means increase your traffic.


5. Quality and relevant Contents

The most important part of the SEO is Contents , which needs to be m0re attractive and long and relevant too, this will attract more people to your site.

6: Link to internal Pages

Your website pages must be links to all the internal pages on your site

7. Backlinks



The backlinks play a vital role in SEO ,the high quality backlinks on your site the more traffic you will get ,backlinks are the links which come from other website .

8. Social Media

You can make pretty profit on Social Media by advertising your  products on different Social platforms like Facebook ,LinkedIn, Instagram etc.



9. Images must be Optimized

The image on website must be optimized and realistic according to your content that attract people ,The images size be reduced and Compressed.

10. Readability

The contents ,title and meta title on website must be understandable means people can read and understand.

11. Header Tags

Use H1 for main title and H2 for subtitle in your contents.

12. Page Load Speed, Site loading Speed


The website which takes more time to load annoying visitors people like it mostly don’t like to visit  websites.


13. Meta Description

Include target keyword in Meta description is very important because people will know easily about the topic.

14. Include Xml Site map

The website which include xml site map gain more traffic beside other website which don’t have xml site map.

15. Blog

Blogging really does drive traffic.  People will visit to your blog and view your contents if you have shared some information.