Introduction to Tailor Management system

A Tailor Management System is a software developed for tailor and fashion designer to help them to keep all the record of their client, the Tailor management software help the designers to keep all the record like measurements, payments, design style, order, etc. if the tailor or fashion designer need any type of information about the client he can easily take that information from there


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Benefits of using the tailor management system
There are a lot of Benefits of a tailor management system some of them are

  • A tailor or Fashion designer can find the client’s record style etc very easily
  • Managing order is very easy in software because of the alert you can also get to know about the numbering serial
  • You can easily calculate the details about payments by just simply going to the payment section


How tailor management system helps to improve tailor’s productivity

Doing manual management of every business is very difficult and something a lot of mistakes happen in the tailor management system can improve your productivity to make your workflow fast and accurate by using this system you can save a lot of time and also you will do you work on time because the main dashboard of application will show you everything that you instantly need


Tailor Dashboard

From the main dashboard, you can view the required details that you need instantly, you can search customers by name or by order, easily you can check out your total orders, you can check your staff and also check the remaining or uncomplete orders, below this main option the dashboard also provides you the details of the order that how many order has been confirming till now and the order in process and the order which are ready, etc

Add new Order

Add New Order

In the add new Order if a customer wants to do new order for his dress, So you can add new order and if the customer is already in the database then you can select that from here otherwise, you can add a new customer and then add all the required details of that customer the important points of customer form is to add order number payments details and the delivery date

Measurement Section

Measurement Section

In the measurement section, you can add all the measurements of customers like if a customer wants to design a suit what will be the length of the shirt, arms, width, etc there is also the option of editing the measurements if in future the customer wants to change the length of shirts, etc so from update menu he can also change that details