Tailor Management System

Tailoring software is one of the best and most effective and fully advanced tailor management systems, which covers all the activities of a tailor-related business.

Mindgigs developed tailoring software that is used by tailors to keep track of measurement details, customer details, manage staff, manage clients, manage reports, and fulfill orders, etc.

You can check the tailoring software details instantly from anywhere.

Benefits of using the tailor management system

There are a lot of Benefits of a tailor management system some of them are:

  1. A tailor or Fashion designer can find the client’s record style etc very easily.
  2. Managing orders is very easy in software because of the alert you can also get to know about the numbering serial.
  3. You can easily calculate the details about payments by just simply going to the payment section.

How tailor management system helps to improve tailor’s productivity

Doing manual management of every business is very difficult and something a lot of mistakes happen in the tailor management system can improve your productivity to make your workflow fast and accurate by using this system you can save a lot of time and also you will do work on time because the main dashboard of application will show you everything that you instantly need.

Best Features of Our Tailoring Software


From the main dashboard, you can view the required details that you need instantly, you can search customers by name or by order, easily you can check out your total orders, you can check your staff, and also check the remaining or uncomplete orders, below this main option the dashboard also provides you the details of the order that how many order has been confirming till now and the order in process and the order which are ready, etc

At the end of the dashboard, you can see the current month’s income details like total income, employee salary, total expenses, and net income.


Add New Customers

The Tailor Management software will help you to add new customers easily by entering the customer name, phone number, customer register no, and customer full address.


Customers Lists

We can easily check the full list of added customers with their names, phone numbers, register no, and addresses in our tailoring software.


Search Customer by Order Number

Tailoring Management Software provides a customer search option by entering the customer order number so the software will show the full details of the customer’s name, items lists, quantities, status of customer order, and total amount paid and remaining of a customer.

order number

Customer Payments

The owner of the tailoring shop can easily check the customer’s payment list with the customer’s order number, name, phone no, advanced and total amounts, and also the remaining amount. Also, view the history of the customers.

customer payments

All Customer Dues

The owner can easily check all customer’s dues lists in the tailoring software with the customer’s names, dues, and date.


Add New Staff

In the add new staff section if the owner wants to add a new staff member so he can easily add a new member By entering the required details such as name, contact information, gender, email, and address of a new member.


Add New Order

In the add new Order if a customer wants to do new order for his dress, So you can add new order and if the customer is already in the database then you can select that from here otherwise, you can add a new customer and then add all the required details of that customer the important points of customer form is to add order number payments details and the delivery date

add new order

Sale Point

The sale point section of the tailoring management system helps us to manage the customer’s details and their transactions with sub-totals, discounts, and remaining payments.

sale point

Measurement Section

In the measurement section, you can add all the measurements of customers like if a customer wants to design a suit what will be the length of the shirt, arms, width, etc there is also the option of editing the measurements if in future the customer wants to change the length of shirts, etc so from update menu he can also change that details


Date wise reports

A date-wise report generated by the tailoring software provides a comprehensive overview of activities and progress based on specific dates.

In the reporting section, the owner wants to see the reports daily or date by date so he can easily check all the reports date-wise with complete details of order numbers, customer names, subtotal, discount amount, remaining balance, booking date, and delivery date.

date wise report

Database Backup

Database backup is a crucial aspect of any tailoring software system. It involves creating secure copies of the software’s database, containing valuable information like customer profiles, order histories, measurements, and payment preferences.

you can easily take a backup of the software just by clicking on the backup button.



In the expenses section owner can track and manage financial outflows within the business. through this feature, he can manage different expenses such as utility bills, employee salaries, and other expenses. This functionality empowers  businesses to maintain better control over their finances and expenses.