School Management System

The school management system is made to reduce the work and to make it easier for the staff and teachers to maintain the record more easily, with the help of just a few clicks.

The advantages of the school management system are to keep records of the student’s information, student reports, fees records, school income and expenses records, staff records, and salary records,


here are some key features of the admin section in a School Management System:

1) Dashboard

From the dashboard, the admin can view the activities including quick access to important information like fee collection, expenses, income for the month, student attendance, staff attendance, and total number of students and staff, and also view the event schedules.

2) User Management:

Admins can create and manage user accounts for teachers, students, and staff, controlling access to different parts of the system.

3) Attendance Management:

Admins can monitor and manage student attendance, track trends, and generate attendance reports.

4) Timetable Management:

Creating, editing, and managing class schedules, ensuring efficient use of time and resources.

5) Subject and Curriculum Management:

Admins can manage subjects offered in the school, assign teachers to subjects, and organize the curriculum.

6) Student Admissions:

In the school management system admin can Manage the admission process, including application forms, document verification, and enrollment details.

7) Fee Management:

Admins can define fee structures, manage fee collection, issue receipts, and track financial transactions.

8) Library Management:

Admins can manage the school library, including book cataloging, issue tracking, and overdue reminders.


here are some key features of the teacher section in a School Management Software:

1) Classroom Management:

In Our Software Teachers can manage class details, view student lists, and assign subjects to classes.

2) Attendance Tracking:

Recording student attendance, marking present or absent, and generating attendance reports is too easy in our school management software.

3) Assignment and Homework:

Teachers can easily Create, assign, and track assignments, and share them with students and parents.

4) Gradebook:

Recording and managing students’ scores and grades for assignments, quizzes, and exams are easy for teachers in school management system.

5) Timetable Access:

Teachers can view the schedules and timing of their classes to stay organized.

6) Exam and Test Management:

In the school management software, teachers can Create and schedule exams, and grade the test papers.

7) Student Profiles:

Teachers can access student profiles, including contact information, attendance history, and academic progress.

8) Resource Sharing:

In our software, teachers can Upload and share learning materials, presentations, and resources with students.


here are some key features of the student in a School Management System:

1) Profile Access:

Students can view their personal profiles, including contact details, class information, and attendance records.

2) Timetable:

In our Software students can access their class schedules and timetables for different subjects and activities.

3) Attendance Tracking:

Students can View their attendance history, including present and absent days, and receive notifications for low attendance.

4) Assignments and Homework:

Accessing assigned tasks, homework, and projects, along with submission deadlines in School Management System.

5) Subjects:

Students can view their subject’s progress through our School Management Software.

6) Teacher List:

Students will see all the teacher’s lists with assigned subjects.

7) Fee Information:

Students will Check their fee details, due dates, and payment history.


8) Notifications:

Students will Receive alerts for upcoming exams, assignment due dates, and school events.