Safi Ledger Management System

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Safi online ledger Management system


Safi Ledger Management system is a software that will help you to manage your accounting and number of investor and invested money total cash in and out in your company or business. This software is suitable for both wholesale and retail business model and an ideal product for any Company and firm. This user-friendly software is fully responsive and has many features. Hope that this software will be helpful to manage your business Cash Management.

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feature of Safi ledger Management system

Party details Dashboard

this window shows the number of stakeholders involves in the shows details about all parties who give or receive payment from the firm.

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Another feature of Safi management system

Individual Party dashboard

This window shows the details of individual parties. which included opening balance, Total debit, Total credit, and net balance. Which make helps in getting all details of the individual party which make business easy.

Feature of Safi ledger Management systam

Party adding form

Using this form user enter the new party. And also update existing party details. it is a fully automatically calculation system. User put all the information about party. And generate the report. In this system all details are available.

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