Point Of Sale System

Point-of-sale software is one of the best software developed for restaurants by Mindgigs, which manages all your product sales, daily sales, sales reports, expense reports, inventory management, online orders, etc. This is a digital facility for owners of restaurants to manage all the records of the restaurants easily and accurately. On the other hand, they can check the restaurant’s details instantly from anywhere.

Features of Point Of Sale System


The POS software dashboard offers a comprehensive view of a business’s sales performance, allowing for a quick assessment of today’s, yesterday’s, and the last 7 days’ sales figures. This feature-rich interface presents real-time data on transactions, enabling swift decision-making. Business owners and managers can monitor trends, identify peak sales periods, and strategize based on accurate insights. The breakdown of sales across different timeframes aids in adjusting inventory levels, restocking items, and optimizing staff allocation. The integration of today’s, yesterday’s, and weekly sales data within the POS dashboard empowers businesses to stay agile and responsive to market demands, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

dashboard 2

POS Sales

In the POS Sales Section of Mindgigs POS software, we can see all the sales with customer name, Date, Discount, Total Amount, and status of the sale.

pos sales

Online Order

In this Section of Mindgigs POS system, we can see all the orders including New, Completed, and Cancelled Orders.

online orders


The “product” is a foundational element within Point of Sale systems, representing the diverse range of items a business offers for sale. It facilitates product creation, including details such as name, description, price, and barcode. Through the software, businesses can track inventory levels, update prices, and analyze sales data for individual products. This centralization of product management within the POS software streamlines operations ensures pricing accuracy, and supports effective decision-making, ultimately contributing to a seamless customer experience and improved business performance.


Product Categories

Product categorization is a fundamental feature of Mindgigs Point of Sale (POS) software that organizes a business’s inventory into logical groupings. This system allows businesses to efficiently manage and display their products, making it easier for customers and staff to navigate through offerings.

product categories

Payment Process

Our POS Software has an easy payment process to purchase items.

We have some easy steps to buy the product successfully.

1) Add to Cart

Customers can easily add the products to the cart by just clicking the product and you can also increase and decrease the quantity of the products in the cart. In the cart, we can see the total price of the product which we added to the cart.

2) Checkout

After adding products to the cart you can now simply click on the Checkout Button and fill out the form and then click on the Complete Order button to buy the products.

3) Invoice

After the order is successfully completed then an invoice is generated by the pos system which contains the Invoice date, time, invoice number, product quantity, product price, and grant totals of the products.

check out

Reporting Features

1) Sales Report

The sales report feature within our Point of Sale (POS) software provides a comprehensive snapshot of a business’s transactional activity. By aggregating data on sales transactions, revenue, and product performance, the sales report empowers businesses to gain insights into their operations. This tool enables the analysis of sales trends and popular products. The POS software’s sales report allows businesses to delve into specific aspects of their sales data.

2) Product Sales

The product sales feature within the Point of Sale (POS) system is a vital tool that tracks the performance of individual items in a business’s inventory. This functionality provides real-time insights into the quantity and value of products sold over a given period. By monitoring product sales, businesses can identify top-performing items, understand customer preferences, and adjust inventory levels accordingly.

3) Sales Manager

The “Sales Manager” section of Point of Sale (POS) software offers valuable insights into the performance of the sales team. This tool allows businesses to track and assess the sales achievements of individual sales managers. By analyzing data on their transactions, revenue generated, and customer interactions, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their sales strategies. The Sales Manager Solds feature facilitates informed evaluations, enabling businesses to recognize top-performing managers, identify areas for improvement, and allocate resources more effectively.


The Users interface in Mindgigs Point of Sale (POS) software allows administrators to create and control access levels for different staff members. Through our  Users section, businesses can assign roles like vendour, sales managers, and super administrators, each with specific privileges tailored to their responsibilities.

User Roles

The Roles Section within Point of Sale (POS) software is a pivotal tool that facilitates the assignment and management of different user roles. This feature empowers businesses to define specific job functions and responsibilities for their staff members.

1) Super Administrator

Super Administrator is a user who has complete access to all permissions like


2. View Sales

3. Add Sales

4. Add Product

5. View Products

6. Edit Products

7. Delete Products

8. Add Category

9. View Categories

10. Edit Categories

11. Delete Categories

12. Add Expense

13. View Expenses

14. Edit Expenses

15. Delete Expenses

16. Overall Setting

17. Frontend Setting

18. View Reports

19. Manage Roles

20. Manage Users

21. View Profile

2) Sales Manager

The sales Manager is a user who has limited permissions like

  1. View Sales
  2. View Reports
  3. View Profile
  4. Add Sales
  5. Dashboard

3) Vendor

The vendor has also limited permissions like

  1. View Profile
  2. Add Sales
sales report
product sale
sales manager
super admin


This is an expense section of Point Of Sale software where you can check and analyze your whole expenses. From here we add the expenses of our business.


Username: admin@admin.com

Password: 12345678