Packaging Management System

Packaging Dashboard
Feutures of Packaging Management System


Packaging Management system is software that will help you to manage your whole packaging system management from client to worker. And it manages all your products and product information. it also manages the production system and gate pass system.

Add customer

Add Customer

This is customer form. From here we add a new customer and customer-related information. from here we assign a unique id to the customer. This form gets all important information from the customer and saves it in the customer list.

Packaging product details


From this form, we add the demanded product and all related information. In this form, you put all the information related like product name, Product quantity, color, and material information which will be used in the product.

Packaging Job Card

New Job Card

This is the form where you put all information about the current processing product and its status. We also enter order date and delivery date.

Packaging Job Card list

Job Card List

this is the list of all the jobs which we added on jobs card form. from here we delete, update the status of a job. Also check the delivery and order date.

Packaging Job Card History

Job Card History

In this tab you check the history of jobs card. Here show the quantity, Production quantity , and deliver quantity etc.

Packaging gate pass history

Gate Pass Details

In this form, we put detail about the products which is passed out from the company and completed.

Packaging gate pass history

Gate Pass History

this list show the history of Gate Pass. it show all the details of products which are passed out from the company.

worker appointment form

Worker Appointment form

Packages Managment services also manage workers appointment. You will add all worker-related informations.

packaging backup


In the package Management system, you also take the backup of your whole data and important information. You also take the backup on monthly basis, a weekly basis.

Admin:  capri.admin

Password: capri@1122