Mind Gigs Laboratory Management System

Mind Gigs Laboratory Management System is software that will help you to manage your laboratory, manage different laboratory branches, patients test conducted by different doctors, patients and doctors details, test price lists with test culture, patients reports, and Accounting section to show expenses details.
This software is about health care service providers is one of the best websites as it comprehensively covers all the requirements both at the patient end and admin side. The interface is quite user-friendly, and even a layman can easily find anything about medical services.
This software includes separate dashboards for separate queries that would be convenient even for a non-techy person to communicate. Additionally, the dashboard links are located on the left side of the page, making the images and page load appropriately on the right side. The color tone used is soothing and appealing make it sight-friendly. The design is consistent throughout the website, and the font size is suitable and easily readable.
The thing that is most admirable in this application software is the appendix of the Accounting section. It encloses all the related information about expenses, income, and the profit generated.


Software Features

1. Laboratory Branches

In this module
Administrator can add different Laboratory Branches and view all added branches details.
This module is created exclusively for the name, location, and contact
information of all the branches of medical service providers.


2. Tests Details

In this module
Administrator can add tests details with price and view all added tests details.
It includes names of different laboratory tests, their price, and the sampling
technique for respective tests.


3. Tests Cultures

In this module
Administrator can add tests culture and view all lists. It maintains the blood culture sampling and their prices for studying patient’s
blood microbes’ behavior.


4. Doctors Details

In this module
Administrator can add Doctors and View the list of all Doctors Details. Doctors include data about the Doctor ID, their details like
contact number, email addresses, paid and unpaid dues, etc


5. Patients Details

In this module
Administrator can add patients and View the list of all patients Details. patients include data about the patient’s ID, their details like
contact number, email addresses, paid and unpaid dues, etc


6. Test Price lists

In this module
Administrator can add tests price details and previews the charges and amount the patient has to pay for a specific lab test..


7. Home Visits

The Home-visits section generates a database for those laboratory tests, which are specifically performed by staying-at-home patients. It provides an ease to log data of all the patients who want to avail home sampling collection.


8. Settings

The admin has the authority to rectify and alter certain changes, broaden itself to social media, and keep track of generating lab reports.


9. Accounts Details

In this module
Administrator can add Expenses, add Expenses Category and View all Expenses Details.


10. Different Reports

In this module
Administrator can view all patient’s reports.


11. Different Languages

It allows its users to translate the report into
different global languages. It contains 20 multi-lingual translators.