Laboratory Management System offers a complete lab management system. The lab software in Pakistan fully integrates features and elements like report generation, sample collection, and patient registration using a user-friendly interface that offers administrative, operational and patient management transparency.

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The laboratory management system dashboard consists on daily basis report when you click on it daily basis report will be generated. the other future on the Dashboard is a number of patients who visited the laboratory. On dashboard, you also see the pending payment if some one pays half payment. Then the pending will show on the Dashboard. Test validation is also another best future for laboratory management systems. If the test report is not validated it will be incomplete. On the dashboard, you also see the number of completed tests.



In patient form you enter the detail about the pateinets whose come for test. In patient form enter the details of patient name , number and other required details.On the basis of patienent you enter the test details .

lab report

Lab Reports

This is another best feauture of Laboratory Management system. When the Operator complete the test he update all the test report . The test report save in Laboratoy management system. Then you print the test report.


Pad unpaid Report

Pad and unpaid is another feature of Laboratory Management System. When someone pays the test fee it will be paid. otherwise, you see it in unpaid. it show the report of payment and also other future of the Laboratory management system show full reports.

system user


There are two types of users one is administration side and other are operator side.The administrator side handle the whole Laboratory management system. Operator will handle the test and report section.