Lab Management System

What is a Lab management System?

A lab management system is a software that provides help in doing lab management, and you can perform all the operations of the lab in a very easy way, as there are a lot of different tasks to do in the lab you can view the active details on the dashboard which is a short form of application and for using the explained details and use you have to visit the specific section

User Name: admin

Password: admin

Who can use the lab management Software?

in every hospital the laboratory software is the most important part of the hospital, doing and managing of lab manually is challenging and time-consuming for that reason lab management system is the best choice for them which makes the workflow easy and accurate

Below are the main Feature of the Lab Management system


the dashboard of this system is simple but very informative from this section you can view the test details that how many people have submitted the fee for their test and you can check the whole information from there, the second one option of the dashboard is that how many tests have been performed you can view that date vise according to your needs different test has a different fee that why you can check the revenue according with help of graph and date wise filter is also given if you want to see the details of the day, week or month, etc all these functions are available on the dashboard

The dashboard provides you the facilities to add a new patient to the system by clicking add patient button you will get a new form that required some basic information about the patient with that there is another button called invoice that provides you to generate the invoice about the client and also provide you the cost details which occur on the patient

Lab Management System Dashboard

Add Patient

by clicking add patient button a new form will be open in which you have to add the details about the patient like Patient Name, Nic number, Mobile Number, Gender, Age, Photos and then you will press add patient and the patient will be added to list now when you will do lab test you have to only select the patient from dropdown menu all the whole details of the patient will be displayed in test form

Add Patient Lab System


when the lab receives test details from a patient then to generate an invoice for them we need to click on the invoice button you will get a form and on top, select the patient name, and after the name, you will see different types of test details from the dropdown menu select the test name and after selecting test they will automatically pick the test description, rate, charges amount of test and if you want to give discount option is also available if you want to add multiple tests you can also add that by simply click on add item and in the last click save and print you will get the invoice details of patient

Invoice Lab management system

Lab Reports

from the lab reports page, you will take all the simple which patients have submitted tests for the laboratory, all the tests will be available on the test reports page the lab team will receive a sample from the system and will start working on that particular test a specific number or unique id will be attached with the sample.

In the form, Barcode is used to view the sample details while if someone wants to check the whole test details they can scan the QR code and get the test details of the patients

Lab reports


In the lab template you can add test information price when you open this tab you will see all the tests which are available in the system they are arranged by name, price, and an action button, you can check the template by Name and by the department.

from the action button, you can do changes to test details that are already added to the system, and from view, you can check out the details

there is another button given on board which is for adding a new template from there we can add a new test to the system if someone wants to add new test details to a system like there is a test that is not available in the system we can add that in the current system from this section

Laboratory Templates

Expense Categories

in this tab, first of all, we can see the category by which we spend our money and the second option is if we want to edit or delete that category that is already in the system like money spend on advertisements and promotions, computer internet, purchase equipment, purchase lab product, utilities, etc we can do any type of changes by clicking only edit button on the top of page add category button is given if we want to add a new category to our system we can also add that by simply defining the category name

Expense Category

Financial Reports

from financial reports we can check the complete details of payments, there are several sections in which you can be checked how much money has been spent and on what type of expense category spent as you can see in transaction tap by department wise like which one department have received money, payment mode can tell that is the money received in cash or online, etc, by applying date filter you can also check spent money from, To specified date

Financial Reports

Account Reports:

from the account report, you can view the spent amount by just searching the voucher no there are other options also available if you don’t have to remember the voucher no you can select the expense category and from the dropdown, you can view all the expenses by selecting that category and you can also apply a filter of date wise and also select payments mode to view specifically

Accounts Reports