Hotel Management Software

A Hotel Management System, that makes the management of a hotel easily with a few clicks, this is a digital facility for owners of hotels to keep all the records of the hotel easy and accurate, on another hand they can check the hotel details instantly from anywhere

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Pssword: admin@123
Who can Use Hotel Management Software?

The owner and management staff of the Hotel can use this System to make their work easy, As mention hostel management software is made to make the hotel owner and the management staff aware of their business. So the main focus of the software is to provide information to hotel business owners to make them aware of their business from anywhere around the world they can check the daily in and out of payments and other details of their hotel

Hotel management Software

Hotel Management Software Dashboard

From the main dashbaord admin can view all the booking details, that how many people have book the rooms in hotel and which rooms are reserve
with that if there are multiple hotel or branches of hotel admin can also add that hostel in software to view the booking status
the dashboard provide the facilities to check the remaining rooms which are not book by someone and also check the rates of the rooms.

Add or Remove Hotel

Add/Remove Hotel

If the admin wants to add or remove Hotel from Software this section will help him, let's say we have already a hotel list in software and we want to remove that hotel due to some reason from the software we can remove that from here also we can add a new hotel if we want to add that in software so admin can easily add or remove the hotel from this section

Add/Remove Facilities form Hotel

From the Facilities section we, We can add or remove the facilities available in the hotel, for example, we add a new hotel to software, and now we want to show the audience what are the facilities available in our hotel so from here we add like, Air conditioning, Baby Cot, Balcony, Barbecue, Bathroom, coffeemaker, fan, Fridge, Hairdryer, etc, now if there is a facility available in the hotel and due to some reason we are unable to provide that to the user we can remove that facilities from here

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Add/Remove Facilities