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Visa Management System is a Web- based application. It is a software that is designed to have an access from anywhere. This application is responsible for managing visa applications, agent management, residency permit, and other visa related issues securely.


Administrator is having the access to add, alter, and view the entries done for the number of visas issue, number of flights, airfare, payment details from the clients, cash in hand payments, agent and visa provider details, and all the payment involved in the process.

Visa Client Payment Details

In this module, the administrator can view all the payment details done by the client to process visa package.

Visa Suppliers’ Details

This module helps the administrator to log all the details about the visa supplier and the agencies. It helps to track the details and keep in touch with the authorized persons.

Add System Level Users

This module is useful in adding, editing the details of both new and existing visa agents.

Expenses Details

This module is helpful in setting the details of expenditures of the company. The administrator becomes aware of expenses he has consumed. He may also track all the expenses he requires.

Tickets and Protector Details

Protector Details is mandatory for a Pakistani going abroad on work visa. Thus, administrator can add and view the tickets and protector details issued to Visa clients.

Easy Database Backup

Database Backup is important for administrator to record database backup easily with single click.