Fast Petrol Pump Management System

Mindgigs developed fast petrol management software through a comprehensive understanding and analysis of all kinds of operational problems and operational challenges faced by petrol station owners worldwide. With the aim of growing your business expansion, we present to you our cutting-edge petrol pump software. Our  ERP software allows you to manage your complete business by tracking all your sales & purchases, expenditures, employees, and day business as well as complete operation management.


  •  Real-time monitoring of daily business transactions
  • Inventory reporting (purchases, sales, and stock levels)
  • Monitoring receivables and payables from credit customers and suppliers
  • Recording bank transactions (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Receive timely reminders
  • Stay updated with product releases in a timely manner


There are the following features in our fast petrol pump management software. we will explain it step by step.

1) Sales Track:

From the dashboard, admin can track all the sales of petrol pump by day-to-day, weekly, monthly, and yearly. It will help the owners of petrol pump to manage their business more easily.

2) Purchase Track:

In Our Fast petrol pump management software owners Keep an eye on what they buy and how they stock up with our petrol pump management system’s purchase tracking feature. It helps you manage your inventory and work smoothly with suppliers, making everything simple.

3) Employee Track:

Owners can Easily keep track of their employees’ work schedules and attendance through the employee tracking feature in our fast petrol pump management system. It’s a simple way to manage shifts and make sure everything runs smoothly.

4) Employee Salary:

Our Fast petrol pump management system makes it easier for owners to pay salaries to their workers according to their working days and hours. Managing employee payments has never been easier but our software makes it easier for owners.

5) Stock Shortage:

Our Fast petrol pump management software manages your fuel stock in the petrol pump. It’s easy for owners to keep an eye on their fuel storage through this function. Owners can easily order fuel according to their needs in the future.

6) Price Management:

You can easily update and manage fuel prices based on market fluctuations and business strategies.

7) Supplier Management:

Our Supplier Management feature helps you to interact smoothly with the suppliers. It’s like a simple way to talk to them and make sure you get what you need on time.

8) Payments:

Keep track of your money easily with our petrol pump management system. It helps you to manage the customer’s payments whether they pay through cash or the money they transfer to your bank account. Our software makes your finances simple to handle.

9) Expenses:

The owners can easily track their expenses on the petrol pump. It helps to keep an eye on expenses, so you know where your money is going.

10) Backups:

Our Petrol pump software helps you to take backups of your important data by simply clicking on the backup button.