Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation

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Software Features


Out of the School Children is a web based software. It is designed for Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation. It is designed to keep track of number of drop out children and its cause.
The project is designed professionally. It can keep the record of Districts, Tehsils, and provinces in Union Council.
Administrator can add details of Schools and its location in the corresponding Union Council. Survey Person can easily access the details of dropout children with reasons.


This Education System helps to facilitate the surveyors to conduct survey about the student, his/her tehsil, district, province and which Union Council he/she belongs and the reason he/she left the school. The settings tool is easy to navigate and edit all the details.

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Leaving Reason

This module is specially designed to edit and add all the reason associated with the child’s dropout.


In this module, Administrator can easily assign different roles to the users.

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This module is helpful to view and keep record of all the reports by selecting specific district, tehsil schools in its Union Council.

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Easy Database Backup

Backup module is specially designed for recording and accessing database backup.

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