Accounting Management System

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Accounting Management system Many people are not aware of this, but management of petrol pumps is not an easy task. It seems that the vehicle’s tanks on the petrol pump have to fill the tanks with petrol and take money in return, but it is not so easy.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the gasoline pump work?

There is certainly much happening behind the scenes and it is surprising that many people do not know about it.

From maintaining sales records, tracking flats, receipts and payments, profit/loss and balance sheet from maintaining sales records, keeping sales records, up to tracking sales records, petrol pumps, petrol pumps Employees have to perform a number of tasks such as station cleaning, safety. Station from fire and accidents. To simplify things, petrol pump software can do amazing work. A petrol pump is a wonderful software that is a digital manager (fuel station). Keeping this software into a petrol pump means that everything can be better controlled in a petrol pump.
From sales to stocking and invoicing to recovery and attendance to celebrity slips.



Our filling station Management system software dashboard is consist on all related information about the quantity, production , expenses.It show the number of sell quantity with price.How much money is marked through selling. On main dashboard it also show the purchasing quantity. In our filling station management system we also provide the graph of selling and purchasing.
In dashboard on right sidebar you see all the information about your self and company.And below the information you also see stcok information and daily sell report.
And in last you all so see about the expenses report. In expenses report we include all the expenses of daily basis.

sale transaction

Sale Transaction

In sale transaction you add transaction related sale.In sale transaction put all information about High speed diesel (HSD) as well as PMG.In sell transaction we create a full report of transaction related.

cash transaction

Cash Transaction

Cash transaction is one another feture of filling station management system . Using this feature you get or save all record about the cash transaction . When a client pay the record of payment will be save in cash transaction. In transaction management you also save and edit record of payee.

purchase transaction


Purchase is an other greate future of accounting management system. In accounting management system when you purchase petrol and diesel. All the record will be add in Purchase section.

open sale

Open Sale

Open sale future is used when sell is open and the customer buy the product . In open sale future of quantity and price is available

Purchase voucher

Purchase Voucher

Purchase Voucher is one of the most important future of Accounting management system. When you purchase the product the system generate the purchase voucher. In purchase voucher you will add the quantity , bank detail and product name.

journal voucher

Journal Voucher

Journal voucher is another important feature of Accounting management system. Where we will generate the voucher of a single customer. In general journal voucher we add details of Vehicle , bank account , instrumental number etc.

bank voucher

Bank Voucher

In accounting management system we also create bank voucher. The bank voucher includes all the expenses like debit , credit , cheque number and accounts detail. In bank voucher we add all related information about bank.