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Digital marketing is the retailing of products and services mainly on the internet by using digital technologies. Businesses use digital channels like search engines, social media, and email to connect with customers and audience.

Uses of Digital Marketing

The use of digital marketing not only allow brands to market their products and services but also offers online customer support. Social media use in digital marketing allows brands to receive positive and negative feedback from their customers furthermore determine which product work well for them.

Here is a list of examples of Digital Marketing:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Native advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click, etc

Latest developments and strategies in Digital Marketing

  1. Segmentation
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Online behavioral advertising
  4. Collaborative environment
  5. Data-driven advertising
  6. Remarketing and Game advertising

Why learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing gives you a wide variety of dynamic career opportunities. Learning this course will give you better pay and preference. Moreover, it will help you to start your own creative project. In addition, it’s affordable to learn.

Digital marketing will help you to dissolve many skills within yourself. Use of digital marketing will help you to learn keyword research, SEO and search engine marketing skills. Along with that, you came to know about content, social media and email marketing. The most important is communication skill, which is utilized in every field.

Digital Marketing Course in Lahore at ICT

Lahore is hub of professional training institutes. In the variety of institutions, ICT Trainings is a renowed and prestigious name for delivering professional courses. Digital Marketing is one of the course that ICT is delivering its training since 2011. It is like whenever someone is looking for Digital Marketing course in Lahore the only name comes into mind is ICT. We welcome you to join Digital Marketing at ICT and be stand-out on top of digital marketers list.

Digital / Internet Marketing Course Contents

Digital/Internet Marketing training curriculum follows the Google Adwords Certification standards which are designed to meet the requirements of next-generation marketing needs.



  • Why your Business Needs a Website
  • How to create your website and make it look good
  • Build your Online Marketing Plan
  • Five Smart Ways to Promote your Business Online
  • How to Build a Community of Loyal Fans
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Intro to Online Advertising
  • Case Study

Search Engine Marketing

  • The Search Ecosystem – the Search Landscape
  • Getting on Google and the Benefits of Being on Google
  • How your Website is Found on Google
  • Google Real-Time Insight Finder – Demo Video
  • Case Study: Shoplet
  • Resource: Essentials for new advertisers
  • Resource: Google Trends
  • Resource: Think With Google Insights
  • Resource: Google Alerts
  • Resource: Google Global Market Finder
  • Resource: Google Business Channel

Search Advertising

  • What is AdWords?
  • Search Advertising and Google AdWords
  • Search 101 – Introduction to Search
  • Search 102 – Getting started with AdWords
  • Search 201 – Tools to Build Keywords and Ad Groups
  • Search 202 – Tools to Build Ads and Advanced Ad Types
  • Search 301 – Reporting and optimization
  • Search 302 – Bidding Tools and AdWords Campaign Experiments
  • Resource: AdWords Help Center
  • Resource: Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Resource: Certification

Display Advertising

  • Introduction to Google Display Network
  • Google Display Network Case Study: The Bedder Way
  • Display 101 – Introduction to Display
  • Display 102 – Google’s Display Offering
  • Display 201 – Topic Targeting
  • Display 202 – Placement Targeting
  • Display 203 – GDN Reserve
  • Display 204 – Interest Categories
  • Display 205 – Keyword Contextual Targeting
  • Display 206 – Remarketing
  • Case Study: Jordan Brand


  • Introduction
  • Mobile Ecosystem – the Mobile Landscape
  • Mobile 101 – Mobile Ads, Devices and Sites
  • Mobile 102 – Mobile Search Ads Overview and Ad Formats
  • Mobile 103 – Mobile Display & AdMob: Overview and Ad Formats
  • Mobile 104 – Mobile Video Ads Overview and Ad Formats
  • Local – the What, the Why, the How
  • Serve On-The-Go Customers via Mobile Phones
  • Mobile 201 – Campaign Set-Up: The Basics of Setting Up a
  • Campaign




  • Social Ecosystem – the Social Landscape
  • Social 101 – Engagement
  • Social 102 – Relevance
  • Social 103 – Hangouts
  • How to Use Google+ and Make Social Work for You
  • Social 301: Accountability
  • Case Study: H&M





  • Understand What Works Through Measurement
  • Google Analytics: The What, The Why,
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics Works
  • Navigating Google Analytics, Part I
  • Navigating Google Analytics, Part II
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • Case Study: Success Story
  • Resource: Develop Your Analysis Skills
  • Resource: Google Analytics
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