Freelancing in Pakistan

freelancing :Content written by: Anbreen Inayat

Freelancer & Freelancing

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed. Who is a boss itself and who work online. He takes projects from different clients all over the world. There is difference between freelancing and online work. Freelancing may be online or may not be online. But it is a concept like you work for someone.

Who can be a Freelancer

Everyone can become a Freelancer. There is no age discrimination, skillset, education caste etc. It is not important that only IT people can do Freelancing but lawyers doctors etc can earn more than IT people from Freelancing websites.

What kind of work is available in Pakistan

A wide range of jobs are available all over the world. Either you are a Dutch, Arabic, Hindu or Russian or even a Pakistani you have full opportunity to get a project in your own regional language. Pakistani people can easily get the following jobs.

  • Logo Designing
  • Websites & Software Development
  • SEO & Content Writing
  • Blogging
  • IT & Networking related works.
  • Video making
  • Arts & Sketches etc.

In Pakistan your Responsibilities as a Freelancer

As a Freelancer you must always remember that you are representing Pakistan in global market. You should be honest to your clients. It is your responsibility to maintain a best feedback on your profile to gain people trust, because each job leaves a good feedback on your profile when you complete it. Communicate with your clients on time don’t make excuses like you don’t have electricity in Pakistan that’s why you can’t work. You should be honest, loyal and punctual.  Take care of yours country reputation because it’s your responsibility. You need to keep image of Pakistan good all around the world.

Always remember your client is your boss. Gather requirements from them about your projects & give them fulltime response.

Some of our Pakistani’s experts are working as a Freelancer like they are providing stunning websites in PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Joomla etc. They are also brilliant in Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO and  Social Media Marketing.

Now start Freelancing, update your profiles on the following Freelancing Platforms like:

Affliate Sites: Mindgigs, Zahyd, Codimize Viral Kar Online CSS Academy

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