Top 10 Email Marketing Tactics for 2018- YOU SHOULD KNOW

You should know that email marketing is a proven method of marketing tactic for B2C and B2B businesses. It is an essential tool for any business marketing strategy. Email marketing is a powerful tool to engage, acquire and retain customers to help your business thrive. When it is done properly it is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. This trend has been around for decades. Year 2017 was a great year for email marketing proved that email receives 30 times return on investment on average.If you stay in touch with the latest trends and best practices of email marketing will you on top of it. So let’s take a look what kind of  trends and strategy is going to act in 2018.

(1) Interactive Email

It provides your audience everything which they need on a plate with minimal efforts for them. You cannot directly move to the inbox to any separate page to view contents. You’ll interact with video or to complete any survey. Thus, it will increase the engagement ratio and reduces bounce rates. To create interactive emails is the best way to approach this.

(2) Al-Powered Email Marketing

This will help you achieve better engagement rate with their emails.But You’ll understand each customer at an individual level empowers you to act on that understanding, automatically in real time. Machine learning technology and AI are the future of email marketing.

You should focus on precise email marketing services that help you to target, what to say and when to reach to, so you will achieve the desired outcomes.

In this modern advanced technology era a lot of companies are throwing billion dollars in developing new technologies that use Al to make our everyday lives better.

(3) Mobile Friendly Emails

It has been observed that whenever you send an email, many of subscribers open your email on their smart phones or tablets – not on desktop or laptop.  This makes clear to us that mobile phone is the future of email marketing.
You need to take care of certain email marketing design elements. Your email design should be precise, mobile responsive and clear.

(4) Create Plain Text Emails

It is an old method of email marketing that creating awesome fancy, filled with images, banners and high quality email design with HTML. People are getting annoyed with this kind of email in a modern era which is being used by only big corporate brands.

Instead of HTML emails plain-text emails are more interactive and effective. It increase higher email open rates, better deliver-ability rates, engagement rate and click-through-rates.

(5) Email Marketing Segmentation

Segmentation of email marketing will help you get better click rates. Narrow your focus and send messages to your targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant __ and relevant campaigns get better results.

To provide relevant emails to your subscriber on the basis of their geographic location, age, gender, interest, purchase history, and much more Email marketing strategy is implemented.

Email marketing is an effective strategy in 2018. It practices utilizing list segmentation in email marketing strategies that help business which will generate more than 14% email open and get 100.95% clicks from campaign services.

(6) Email Automation


It is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. You can save time and money.

Because if You can dynamically send relevant content to individual recipients. You can reach your audience exactly.

This will not beat human race yet but will continue creating attractive subjects lines for open rates and you will also learn from users that what is the best time to send emails to them?

(7) Embed video in email

It allows you to embed video in your email contents. You can attract your customer’s attention towards your product and services through this great tool. Embedded video will improves user experience and ensures high engagement.

It helps marketers in demonstrating their product and service features therefore marketer don not ant to miss out this effective marketing strategy. Embedded video has become great email marketing trend playing huge role in 2018.

(8) Conversational Tone in Writing

The personal interaction is increased by conversational tone in writing and it also enhances user engagement. The customers will response the tone you choose to use your emails copy.

The conversational tone might not be very effective for all industry but it makes a good vibe and good relation between the brand and customers.


I hope you include the above email marketing tactics in your marketing efforts. These are the latest  email marketing benchmarks, metrics, trends, and key data that will help you more marketers realize the true power of email marketing.

Content Written: Anbreen Inayat

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