How to Earn Money from your Blog without using AdSense

As you all know that AdSense is a big blog monetization network which have high-quality of ads and have safe recurring income. I talked about Google AdSense and recommended for you that  is one of the best contextual ad networks for your blog.

But, what about that people who’ve been banned by AdSense, or and can’t get approved by Adsense? Is this the end of making money via blogging for them?

No! It’s. Don’t think like that


Here I’ll show you how having your AdSense account banned But you’re not getting AdSense approval? It is not big problem.

it is one of the bestest money-making programs for the blogger for the following reasons.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • You don’t need to get worried about low-quality ads.
  • After certain time you don’t have manually change the ads.
  • AdSense payments are highly reliable don’t worry about it.

When using AdSense a lot of issues you face like:

  • You must abide by contents guidelines which are offered by AdSense team.
  • You must follow webmaster guidelines because by not following these guidelines you cannot even post a simple post which you want to post.
  • If you want to earn more from AdSense you should continually try out various optimization techniques like keywords with high CPCs.
  • You might earn more money from AdSense if your traffic is from countries likes india, Malasiya, or Pakistan.

HOW & WHY Your Life Is Better Without Using An AdSense Account?

Now I’ll show you my experience of successful monetizing blogs without using AdSense at all,           what will happen if you choose to do the same?

               When Your Blogging Becomes More Experimental.

Your best blogging education comes from your own experimenting.

When you have a great experiment about the latest monetization methods,While you may have a good solution which works amazingly for your niche. It may also allow you to learn from other bloggers, So instead of trying something new you should start experimenting with some tested methods which have work for other bloggers.

I haven’t a blog on fashion, but once one of my clients does & he trusted he judgment enpugh to allow me to experiment. And it worked really and is now a case study!

           You Need To Use Your Own Natural Set of Skills

I have created a blog which is currently in orphan stage. But the good thing is I have already a blog business plan read, and I believe it will work but I am not pretty sure. But this blog has been running but do not use AdSense, but the blog is still making money to its maintenance and hosting fee.

But you don’t need to feel Harsh. Because You have now WordPress for years now and you know well how things work around WordPress. But it is a part of my skill set.

Do you know what your skill set is?

  • If you want to run a technology blog, you can write an ebook on how to do some tasks.
  • If you wish to run a finance blog, you could offer a finance plan on affordable price for your readers.
  • For relationship blog, offer premium one-on-one consultancy around relationship issues.
  • For health blog, you can offer for readers a diet plan.
  • For fashion blog you help people shop for people who works for them and you can get paid for them.

              Affiliate Marketing – Embrace Affiliate Marketing

ShoutMeLoud, affiliate marketing is the main source of income. Here you’ll find thousands of people talking about affiliate marketing and will recommend thousand products to you. But they will let you know which one is working and which one is not working.

If you want to millionaire in a day you should work hard and plan to earn money via affiliate marketing.While Use it as an alternative to AdSense. You need hard struggle to reach your goals.

Is somebody said affiliate marketing is not working they are wrong. The key to this kind of success to affiliate marketing is to recommend something to you personally use. Also guide readers how they can get the benefit.

Content Writter: Anbreen Inayat

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