Professional Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore

Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore

Finally, Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies, which are used in computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not need end-user knowledge of the physical location and structure of the system that delivers the services

Cloud Computing Classification

Online Computing is further classified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provide a platform, technology, and applications in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure (Cloud Computing Solution):

Microsoft’s Azure is a less expensive, considerably scalable cloud platform that gives scope to provide a diverse range of hosted services over the Internet, An application platform, Microsoft Azure authorizes applications to be developed, hosted, and run at Microsoft data centers, Similarly other Cloud Computing platforms, Azure-based systems need no hardware management and provide service level guarantees for online processing power and storage space

Rana Technologies:

Although Utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver low-cost, scalable, and reliable Cloud Computing services, Leveraging the power and flexibility of the Azure platform, they work on developing the most complete and most trustable Cloud solutions, Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, they have a huge team of committed Microsoft professionals who specialize in high-end Microsoft technologies, They have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies and experience delivering integrated, end-to-end hosting solutions.

Professional Cloud Computing Solutions in Lahore, Pakistan (Highlights of Azure Cloud services):

  • another, equally important Secure, trustable application platform
  • also Safe data storage and provide services, 24/7
  • further Access to wide range of Microsoft’s tools and technologies
  • in fact Dynamic, flexible and scalable solutions
  • in the same way Utility model, pay as you wish facility
  • Low total cost ownership

Rana Technologies’ regarding Cloud Computing Solutions:

moreover, You can get more information through the given details.
Contact Number: +92-313-4226171 (24/7 Helpline)
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday:
10.00 AM – 07.00 PM
Office Address:
Suite # 410, 4th floor, Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan.
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Data storage and clouds Services in Lahore

Besides SepiaHost in Lahore, Sepia Solutions is an authorized Google Cloud with G Suite (Google Apps) services Partner in Lahore, They provide technical assistance, guidance in setting up G Suite (Google Apps) services to many businesses in Lahore, This expertise helps to recognize the full benefits of the Google Apps program and smooth migration from any legacy system to the Google Apps collective platform, G Suite (Google Apps) offers a cloud-based productivity suite that helps in team connection and gets work from anywhere on any device, It is very simple to use and manage, it works smarter and focuses on what really matters

Contact Number:
+92 21 34324499

Google Cloud and G Suite(Google apps) Services:
  • They offer in Lahore
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Data migration services and
  • Mobile devices integration, Deployment and Integration
Gmail For Business

Gmail support, Google Apps Email Services are activeate by Google Flagship product Gmail, offering up to 30GB of storage.

Google Drive

As a result, GDrive allows storing files in the cloud, sharing them, and having access to them from anywhere.

Google Docs

Not only-but also Create, share and work on documents with the whole team in less time.

Google Calendar

Easily schedule meetings at instant times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders, and share calendars.

Google Sites

in fact, Build project websites without writing a single line of code, is as easy as writing a document, And it saves time.

Google Hangouts

With Hangouts, you can have a group chat, and easily make a video or voice conversation right on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet

Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing provides a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for Information, Cloud Computing services are rapidly being adopted by enterprises owing to the instant deployment and lessened expenditure of the Cloud, It is a Virtualized private Cloud that offers a secure environment with required applications to accelerate business productivity and save time, It is shared, on multi-tenant infrastructure and multi-tenancy improves utilization and efficiency level cutting off CapEx completely, As Cloud applications leverage the Cloud architecture, there is no burden of software installation, maintenance, and support

Cloud Computing Market in Lahore

Great time for cloud computing in Pakistan, says Oracle sales Manager: Waqas Hashmi, Pakistan’s Information communications and technology (ICT) sector is a crucial business driver and has been ranked one of the largest contributors to the economy over a long time, The current technology landscape is speedily evolving with the emergence of enterprise cloud offerings, which in turn is accelerating the pace of innovation growth, Along with technology, smartphone usage in the country is showing strong growth too, Mobile apps are required to connect to corporate back-end systems because that is where data for the app is found. Cloud not only provides access to big data or gives corporations a deeper understanding of their customers and insight into how to best run their business but also advantages to different types and sizes of companies

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