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Debugging Android Apps

Intro debugging android apps On an Android device remotely debug live content from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. The following blog post teaches you a way to debugging android apps: debugging android apps Some important and basic steps for debugging android apps For remote debugging first you have to install your Android device, and discover […]

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All About Android App

What is an Android App? Android   Software application running on Android platform. Because the platform is constructed for mobile gadgets, a typical Android app is designed for a phone or a tablet having System.   Why Apps? A properly-designed app runs quicker than a mobile website because the framework that cellular apps use can run […]

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Why SEO is important in today’s IT era?

Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a free-of-cost method to generate organic search results. SEO is the direct opposite of PPC or Pay-Per-Click, where you have to pay for your visibility on search engines. Increased Competition In today’s world, optimizing your site for search engines is very important. There is […]

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