Arm license is issued by the government, MOI (ministry of interior) to the people to buy or own the arms. Age limit in Pakistan for an arm license is 25 years. To get the license one should pay the fee and wait for the license which will take a few days.

Two types of licences issued;

1 Prohibited bore license

2 Non prohibited bore license

Both are issued by both the federal government and provincial government. Provincial government has gotten the authority of issuing licences after the 18th amendment.

Arm license punjab pakistan

Procedure of getting arm licence in Punjab;

  •  Fill the arm license form
  • Attach one photo copy of identity card
  • Get verification from police station (DSP and SP )
  • Applicant himself must appear with the id card before Deputy Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner will order for the issuance of arm license
  • Rs 2000 is required for arm license
  • Submit the form in the D.C office.
  • Then a person will receive the copy of licence and will purchase arm from the arm dealer.Its entry will be in the post office and will be renew annaully with fee.

Online arm license verification pakistan

Following is the link for online arm license verification pakistan;

How to get a fire arm licence in pakistan

Following is the procedure of getting a firearm licence in pakistan;

  • To obtain a firearm license one will need to submit an application to arms license section of the Ministry of Interior
  • Copy of id card  and two recent passport size pictures
  • All photographs should have blue background and clearly written name and id card number of the applicant on back side of pictures
  • Certificate of profession or service
  • Arms license section has the right to reject the attached documents if not required
  • Pay the required fee

Following is the link of MOI arms licence pakistan verification