Monthly Archives: October 2017

Why SEO is important in today’s IT era?

Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a free-of-cost method to generate organic search results. SEO is the direct opposite of PPC or Pay-Per-Click, where you have to pay for your visibility on search engines. Increased Competition In today’s world, optimi...
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Is it Profitable to Invest in Domain Names?

Domain Names In this article I will be analyzing the fact whether or not investing in domain names is profitable venture for you. I will be including different perspectives of authority sites like moz, godaddy, and businessinsider, and concluding it accordingly. To start off, I would say that the do...
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Tips on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing allows for easy sharing of your experiences on daily basis. It helps individuals to keep people updated of their personal life. SMM is also beneficial for organizations to promote brand awareness of their products, interact with customers directly and po...
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