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5 example of software

FYP in Peshawar

MindGigs will Assist in FYP to Reach Industry Level

January 3, 2019 All / Uncategorized 0 Comment

Final year 20 projects ideas for any BCS & MS students Exam Management System: There are a lot of students in schools and colleges which take exam using pen and paper. So this method takes a lot of time for managing student and difficult for school, college management and especially […]

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Top 5 Software Failures & Causes

November 29, 2017 All 0 Comment

Top 5 Software Failures & Causes software failure Have you ever heard about software testing? Well if you don’t know about it now is the time to. Despite seeing much technological advancement in 2015, this year saw many software failure as well. Below is a list of the top five software […]

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