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MindGigs deal in providing full-stack web development services to its valued clients. We are experts in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter
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What is an Android App? An Android app is a software application running on Android platform. Because the Android platform is constructed for mobile gadgets, a typical Android app is designed for a phone or a tablet having Android Operating System.   Why Apps? A properly-designed app runs quicker than a mobile website because the framework that cellular apps use can run almost 5 times quicker than a Javascript...

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What is Edge Rank? EdgeRank is the Facebook’s way of prioritizing the News-feed in users profile, much like Google’s search queries shown in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). However, unlike Google, Facebook takes personal preferences of the user into consideration before presenting the information to them in a hierarchical way. How it Works? Facebook refers to individual posts in the news feed as Edges. It comprise of the...

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Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a free-of-cost method to generate organic search results. SEO is the direct opposite of PPC or Pay-Per-Click, where you have to pay for your visibility on search engines. Increased Competition In today’s world, optimizing your site for search engines is very important. There is fierce competition among Multi-National Corporations and even among Small local businesses. The company...

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WordPress WordPress is built in PHP framework and was launched in May 27, 2003 by Micheal Valdrighi. It started out as Blogging system as opposed to pure CMS like Drupal or Joomla. However, due to a large number of plugins and active community, WordPress has evolved into a true CMS system– that is not only giving a tough time to Drupal and Joomla–but beating them at...

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domain names

Domain Names In this article I will be analyzing the fact whether or not investing in domain names is profitable venture for you. I will be including different perspectives of authority sites like moz, godaddy, and businessinsider, and concluding it accordingly. To start off, I would say that the domain name is the property you buy and register on the internet through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned...

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