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digital currency

What is Bitcoin and How it works? Content Written by: Arzoo Zaheer Bitcoin Bitcoin is a currency which exists virtually. It is also called digital currency. It is not like other currencies like pound, dollars, euros, etc. Bitcoin has been used as an alternative to physical currency for buying and selling of services and goods. This currency was the first cryptographic currency. It uses the method of cryptography...

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Freelancing in Pakistan Content written by: Anbreen Inayat Freelancer & Freelancing A freelancer is a person who is self-employed. Who is a boss itself and who work online. He takes projects from different clients all over the world. There is difference between freelancing and online work. Freelancing may be online or may not be online. But it is a concept like you work for someone. Who can be a...

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youtube policies

YouTube Channel Policies and Safety & Restriction Applied in 2017 By: Anbreen Inayat Policies and Safety Whenever you are using YouTube, you join a community of people all around the world. YouTube have cool new community feature which involves a level of trust. Millions of people use YouTube and respect that trust. You may not like everything on YouTube. If the content is inappropriate, you have to use flagging...

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debugging android apps

Intro On an Android device remotely debug live content from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. The following blog post teaches you a way to: For remote debugging first you have to install your Android device, and discover it out of your improvement system. Look at and debug your live content material on your Android tool from your improvement machine. Screencast content out of your Android...

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What is an Android App? An Android app is a software application running on Android platform. Because the Android platform is constructed for mobile gadgets, a typical Android app is designed for a phone or a tablet having Android Operating System.   Why Apps? A properly-designed app runs quicker than a mobile website because the framework that cellular apps use can run almost 5 times quicker than a Javascript...

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