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About Mind Gigs

Best Web Services,IT Training Center, Top Software house in Peshawar.The Mind Gigs Software house was founded in 2010 and now in top most leading IT companies in Peshawar. The Mind Gigs house have expertise in Web Based Technologies, mobile applications, digital marketing, search engine optimization and graphics designing. The Mind Gigs House has successfully completed and delivered hundreds of projects  to the locally and globally clients that’s why we are the best software house and training center in Peshawar.

Mind Gigs is best software house in Peshawar because there is a reason for it and that is over highly technical skills and highly expertise allow us to take on every client projects often consider too complex by other teams of developers.

Our main aim is to provide highly performance projects to the clients and for that we believe in working in partnership with our clients to know about their requirements and basic needs. We also believe that working with client together results in a form of desired clients needs.

  • The Mind Gigs main aim is to satisfy the clients and for that we first make possible to understand the basic needs of our clients, and after that we manage the modern technology tools to make our clients business more beneficial and worthy.
  • The Mind Gigs team believes in creative ideas and corporation and for that ideas everybody participates individually to achieve the end desire.
  • The Mind Gigs team believes in high quality products and to achieve that high quality aim we make new teams for each and every project, ensuring the best possible combination of skills and experience to meet the client’s needs and deliver high quality solutions.

Our Skills & Expertise

Best Web Services in KP, We also work in IT Training Sessions,We are recognize as Top Software house in Peshawar. We have over 8 plus years of experience and have completed 2050 plus projects till date.Web Development is our greatest strength. MindGigs take a full-fledged approach to websites. From laying the foundation in HTML, CSS, Javascript; to designing with BootStrap, Jquery; and back-end programming in PHP, MySQL etc.&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt; <yoastmark class=’yoast-text-mark’>We also work in Graphic Design, Websites, Web application, Android, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Application,ERP, Shopping Carts, SEO (Search Engine optimization), Content Writing.

Skills Level

[eltdf_progress_bar title_tag=”” percent=”92″ title=”Web Development” text_color=”#ffffff” color_inactive=”rgba(134,134,134,0.3)”]
[eltdf_progress_bar title_tag=”” percent=”88″ title=”Graphic Design” text_color=”#ffffff” color_inactive=”rgba(134,134,134,0.3)”]
[eltdf_progress_bar title_tag=”” percent=”87″ title=”Social Media Marketing” text_color=”#ffffff” color_inactive=”rgba(134,134,134,0.3)”]
[eltdf_progress_bar title_tag=”” percent=”89″ title=”Search Engine Optimization ” text_color=”#ffffff” color_inactive=”rgba(134,134,134,0.3)”]
[eltdf_progress_bar title_tag=”” percent=”90″ title=”Word Press” text_color=”#ffffff” color_inactive=”rgba(134,134,134,0.3)”]

Our Delivered  Services

We offer adorable services within a given time and provide quality at yours standard.

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