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The Ultimate Guide for making Do-Follow Links

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The Ultimate Guide for making Do-Follow Links

The Ultimate Guide for making Do-Follow Links


Content Written By: Waqas Khan


There is a lot of fuss on the internet about do-follow and no-follow links, as company tries to do proper SEO of their websites. In today’s era of competition and market saturation, it is important to stand out from the crowd and be discovered. A company might have a great idea or a product to deliver but if it’s not discovered by their target audience, it is as good as dead.

What is a Do-Follow Link?


In order to understand the importance of a do follow link we need to compare and contrast it with no- follow links. A do-follow link is the only way humans and computers both can find their way back to your website. On the other hand, a no-follow link allows only humans to follow the link and excludes the computers to reach your website. This raises the question why one needs to tell the search engines to search the one and ignore the other? The answer is, previously SEO experts started to indulge in Black Hat Techniques to boost page ranks. At that time, there was no such thing as no follow attribute. Google came up with the idea of no follow attribute, so that to battle Black Hat Techniques like spamming the sites should be stopped.

How Do-follow link works?

Do follow link is responsible for the link juice you get from search engines. When you post a guest blog post or blog comment or employ other methods to get backlinks, you are telling search engines bots to reach and rank your site. The more do follow links you have the better your page rank in the search engine results page.

Example of html code of follow link is;

(<a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>)

By default all links are do follow, unless defined otherwise by the website administrator. The example code of no follow link is;

(<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>)

Benefits of Do-follow link

A do follow link makes your page visible in search engines. The more do follow links you have the better your page ranking in any search engine. The other benefit it provides is that, it redirects traffic to your website from around the web. The rule of thumb for how many do follow and no follow links a website should have is: do follow links 90%; no follow links 10%.

Methods to get do follow links

There are various ways in which you can get do follow links. It should be noted that these methods should not be done in isolation rather should be used collaboratively to get any meaningful rank boost.

Blog Post Commenting

blog post commenting

This method is by far the easiest and most often used. However, one should take care that the comment is genuine and adds value to the owner’s blog. Otherwise, your comment would be considered spam and trashed out. You should give an impression to the blog owner that you have read his blog. Or better yet, you have read the blog all together– as it would not only increase your knowledge base but would improve your commenting tactics as well.


Reading the blog will allow you to point out what you like about the blog, what are your opinions on the topic and so on. Remember, blog owner’s want good engagement on their blogs that adds value to their work. By commenting reasonable and well thought out comments you are making sure that you get a backlink in exchange for your time and value-added comment. Look for blogs that uses commentluv plugin. This allows for posting 15 articles links from your blog on the owner website.

Guest Posting

guest post

Guest Posting is by far the most difficult and time consuming method to pull off. However, it has long-term benefits for the SEO of your website. In this method, you are required to make an article or blog for other site owners and not for your own website. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the site owner. The site owner gets fresh content for his site and you get a do follow link that helps you rank better in Google or any other search engine.


The right way to do guest posting is first to assess your writing interests and then needs of the website. You need to make sure both gets in sync. The trick here is to dig deeper in the niche you want to write for. Start by typing “Keyword”+write for us in Google search; contact the site owner whose domain authority is high; pitch your post idea adhering to the submission guidelines. If the site owner likes your idea he will want to publish the content on his website in exchange for giving a do follow link, referring back to your website.


Some of the best places to start guest posting
• Iamwire.com
• Readwrite.com
• Shoutmetech.com
• Techwyse.com
• Socialmediatoday.com
• Socialmediaexaminer.com
• Oneextrapixcel.com
• Skyje.com
• Webdesignledger.com
• Outbrain.com
• Copyblogger.com
• Inc42.com
• Hellboundbloggers.com
• Smallbiztrends.com
• Marketingprofs.com
• Thewritelife.com
• Inspirationtofeed.com

Directory Submission

directory submission

Directories are simply huge databases of categories and sub categories that help Search Engine scour the internet. Submitting your website links on them is a huge advantage in terms of getting backlinks.
The directory submission is one of the easiest ways to build do follow backlinks.
There is a wide variety of directories to choose from, however, you will want to make sure you are picking the right ones.


Since some directories have set the outbound links to no-follow, not all article directories are do-follow links. Therefore, in order to conserve your time and effort, you’ll want to avoid these directories altogether.


Need some place to start? Check out the list below of do-follow sites that you can start with.

• isnare.com
• site-reference.com
• snipsly.com
• sooperarticles.com
• squidoo.com
• suite101.com
• articlerich.com
• articlesfactory.com
• articleslash.com
• articlesnatch.com
• articlesphere.com
• articlesworldonline.com
• articlesxpert.com
• articlet.com
• articletrader.com
• articlevoid.com
• articleworld.net
• basearticles.com
• brighthub.com
• buzzle.com
• easyarticles.com
• ezinearticles.com
• ezinemark.com
• gather.com
• hubpages.com
• ideamarketers.com

Social Book Marking

social bookmarking

Social Book marking is similar to the concept of browser bookmarking. However, in browser bookmarking we bookmark a page or website we like for later viewing. In contrast, social bookmarking allows to book mark sites so that you can view them on a different computer. This is a source of link juice for Search Engines, as they crawl the internet for valuable links.


• Digg.com
• Delicious.com
• Folkd.com
• Mister-wong.com
• Multiply.com
• Bignet.biz
• Mixx.com
• Propeller.com
• Faves.com
• Maple.nu
• Tipd.com
• Backflip.com
• Spurl.com
• Oyax.com
• Imcurtain.com
• Orangify.com
• Twittbiz.com


Forums are another great option for a place to start building backlinks. However, like article directories, not all forums are do follow links. Maximize your efforts and concentrate your link building in do follow forums such as those listed below:


• bloggerforum.com
• capitaltheory.com
• dreamteammoney.com
• filesharingforum.com
• forum.cnet.com
• forum.daviontart.com
• forums.digital.com
• forums.joomla.org
• geekvillage.com
• htmlforums.com
• moneyfanclub.com
• moneymakediscussion.com
• retireat21.com
• seoforum.com
• sitepoint.com
• v7n.com/forums
• warriorforum.com
• webhostingtalk.com


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